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The "Coffee Talk"… 😐 – the Virils Counter Is Still Not Accurate!…

Yesterday I counted the Virils again and maybe I missed a couple or not, but there were around 50 Virils missing in the Virils Counter – the large number showing the overall number of Virils we earned (the User Balance)… I also noticed that the time that was previously written for some Virils I earned was not the same yesterday (I luckily knew approximately where I left off…! ;)) and it is also weird because these days I was also noticing that the 10 Virils we receive at Midnight we were sometimes not receiving exactly at that time but 5 or 15 minutes later…

Today I counted them again, the time of the Virils notifications was the same as yesterday, and if I was counting them correctly 96 Virils was missing (not summed up) in the Virils Counter since yesterday!

I also heard from a user that he noticed this after the changes and I and one other member started noticing it 3 days ago… While I am not sure what was happening before that, although that number did seem to be somehow smaller than it should be, the other member says she was keeping track all the time and didn’t notice anything wrong till 3 days ago…

And admins are not answering…

NOTE!!!: If you are opening the posts from the links below don’t do it too fast because probably we both won’t receive Virils for all of them like it has just happened…!

Someone opened 15 links at the same time, I received Virils notifications for all of them but instead of the Virils Counter summing them all up and adding 73 Virils for them it summed up and added only 30 and it could be it probably happened with your Virils Counter too…! Then I received Virils for 17 posts and 1 comment (85 Virils) and the Virils Counter summed up and added only 35 Virils…!!! Which means 75 Virils is already missing…! If you think this is happening because many posts are opened – no, it is happening even when only 3 posts are opened at the same time, or when you are opening a lot of posts at the same time too…

I didn’t notice this issue happening when posts are opened or comments made separately – slowly, one by one, not all at once, but if that is the reason for this “glitch” why isn’t there a glitch with ALL the Virils notifications we are receiving regularly too…?!?

I wrote thoroughly about this issue in the first post about this issue, The Angry Coffee Talk……… 😐 – The Overall Virils Number Is Not Correct!!!!!, which is the post on the first link below!…

Thank you!

The Angry Coffee Talk……… 😐 – The Overall Virils Number Is Not Correct!!!!!


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A New Banner Notification(s) Could Be in Progress… πŸ˜‰

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    • I know, I understand you completely… I am trying not to be upset but this is definitely something which is completely changing my view on everything here! Actually, it only kinda confirms what I already thought and I am very disappointed and feeling betrayed… We are already investing so much effort to earn that small pitty sum and now we learn our points are actually “swallowed” by the Counter not enabling us to actually earn… πŸ™

    • Yes, it is sad and very disappointing…! We are investing so much work, sitting here all day trying to earn something and now the Virils we earn are just swallowed by the counter never showing the right amount! I am “just wondering” how much is this on a monthly basis………….!!! 😐 I am not that optimistic about this issue being solved (ever)………! I heard there was a similar problem before and it was kinda “solved” and now this…!

      • The “user balance” is of no importance, so I don’t know why you are getting so worked up about it, and spreading such confusion. That number has historically been slow to update (sometimes slower, sometimes less slow), as it takes time to propagate data within the system. But that total has nothing to do with how much we are paid, since we are paid on the basis of the virils we earn, and those virils are shown accurately on your virils page. So please stop worrying yourself and everyone else about something that is of zero importance!

        • Well, interesting… First, to be clear, the “user balance” is the Calculator of ALL the Virils earned – the Virils on the Virils page you have just mentioned, and if you were looking at your Dashboard when it updates it shows Exactly THAT number of Virils you earned in a month (from the Calculator)!… Second, it is not updating with the proper amount AT ALL (not now nor Later!!!), I already cleared up in my previous post about this that I was waiting for it to “update” with the proper amount and it DIDN’T…! And now I’m calculating it Every Day, and Every Day NEW 200 Virils is missing – is not summed up…!

          Btw, I am NOT the only one who is noticing this, and btw if you read the comments you would knew since when it happens from Other People’s comments TOO, so I am not worrying Anyone since so many are already noticing it themselves too…!

          • The “user balance” that you worry about so much is only a display number. It has |no impact on the payment we receive as I explained above. It has been inaccurate, on and off, for years, and it has never had any effect on anyone’s payment. So really, posting repeatedly about a non-issue raises questions as to one’s motivation.

          • Well, you have just proven that you have zero interest in the facts. Why spoil a good story with the truth, eh? And if spreading confusion and fake info gets you lots of clicks and virils, why stop now?!

        • I already told you that THAT same number is Always written on my Dashboard as my Earnings!!! And if Virils we receive are Correct why the Counter wouldn’t be too!

          If admins cared about users’ motivation they would inform us about this!!!

  1. Thank you for addressing this matter, I have been way too busy with other personnel projects to keep a tight watch on these matters.
    I do appreciate you all the effort for scrutinizing these areas which helps all of us. Again thank you.

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