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The closure of the largest ozone layer – thanks to COVID-19

The whole world is at a standstill with the lockdown due to COVID-19,  and those activities that caused a hole in the ozone layer do not exist as of now.  The results have been immediate.  The largest ozone hole – one million KM over the arctic is now completely closed. 

We hear of so many other impossibilities – air and noise pollution has come down, water everywhere is clearer, animals are seen enjoying the empty roads, more attention is given to family, gardens are blooming everywhere, pets get more attention…………..

I wonder if nature has had a hand in this as one can clearly see the results. 

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  1. I do not believe we have all learned the lesson. If so, there will certainly be a second round, which will be much more cruel. The irresponsibility of humans and the wounds inflicted on Nature have had a great impact on this pandemic. This is a personal opinion.

  2. I am pretty sure Mother Nature and man alike had a hand in spreading covid19 and reducing the industries and traffic. Nonetheless it was a blessing in disguise (notwithstanding the terrible human losses) for our environment…. The air is cleaner, the waters are bluer, the wildlife is happy until we start the industries and transportation going again which will bring back the pollution…

    • It is a small percentage that is responsible for what we have been experiencing prior to lockdown. If they have learnt their lesson and get to basics rather than go for countless upgrades that will change the situation in leaps and bounds.


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