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The castle hides an extraordinary wealth of medieval life

Škofja Loka and Škofja Loka Castle are truly places where you can relive and feel the beauty and richness of medieval life.

Škofja Loka Castle has a rich and interesting history, and it still offers extremely rich content today. Škofja Loka Castle is said to have been built at the beginning of the thirteenth century, and to have been built by the Freising bishops. The great earthquake of 1511 greatly affected Škofja Loka Castle, and Bishop Filip then had it completely restored. In 1803, the castle was taken over by the state and housed a tax office, a land register, and a court. Škofja Loka Castle later temporarily became private property and was last owned by the Ursulines. During the First World War, there was a hospital in it, and after the end of the Second World War, there were prisons and a penitentiary in Škofja Loka Castle. In the 1960s, the castle passed into the hands of the municipality of Škofja Loka, which set up a museum there.

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  1. i love castles (as you know). but i really enjoyed the history of the castle – from house to prison and tax office!

    i wonder which ghost would be worse to encounter. A former prisoner, or the ghost of a former tax collector!


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