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A father and his son were inside a restaurant, finishing their meal. They look out and see a big storm brewing. They manage to pay and leave, as the storm hits. They decide to brave the storm and make for home. It’s difficult to see anything through the torrential downpour and decide to pull over and wait for the storm to ease up. Just as they’re about to, pull off the road, they crash. Both of them are in critical condition. Due to the weather, hospitals in the area are inundated by incoming patients. As the paramedics find them, they decide that the father will be taken to a closer hospital, as his injuries are more severe, and the son will be transported to another hospital with more resources. That hospital is twenty miles away.The son is prepped for emergency surgery when he is brought to the hospital. The doctor who volunteered to perform the surgery lays eyes on the young man and says, “I can’t operate on him. He is my son.” Who is the doctor? Whoever communicates the riddle makes it known that there’s no trick at play here. The answer is simple. They also freely provide any asked for background information. In the case of this riddle, there’s no unique upbringing or family secrets. There’s nothing shocking. The answer really is quite straightforward. Try answering the riddle before clicking this link: ⚕🔺 CLICK HERE

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