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The Cactus Method of planning

I just read a post by Kara, a homeschool mom, where she was talking about this Cactus Method she came up with. The idea is to hold on to our homeschool plans loosely, like how we would hold a cactus. I like how she made the analogy between cactus and homeschool planning.

Though the idea is about homeschool planning, I think it’s applicable to general planning as well, depending on our situation. For moms with young kids, I think we can’t be very strict with our plans, as we don’t really have all controls of our days. Sometimes kids might be more cooperative, but sometimes they might not. Even when I was working in office, I couldn’t really follow my plans exactly. Sometimes, there were just something coming up. We might need to attend a meeting, a discussion might be longer than it should take, a colleague who needed help, etc.

Despite the uncertainties, I still think it’s good to come up with a plan, so we know what to do, or even how to do. But we will just have to learn to let go if things don’t turn out as planned.


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