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The box

There is a mysterious box …

No one knows what is inside.

Passerby A hears a loud roar, she things there is a monster inside.

Passerby B hears wailing, he thinks there is a baby inside.

Passerby C saw a little leaf sticking out, she thinks its a plant.

Passerby D saw a sword sticking out, he thinks its a tyrant.

Who is right?

Nobody knows, perhaps they all are.

  • Are you the box or the passerby?

    • Passerby
    • Box
    • Both
    • None

What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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  1. Figuratively, it makes me think of internet anonymity.
    The box is a real person, and the four witnesses are people who interact with this mysterious entity on a daily basis. They don’t know the age (A or B) and the gender (C or D), but they attempt to guess and have different opinions. 😄
    Or it could be a box with toys, you know, some toys make sounds just like those A and B described. I’m quite unsure about the plant, but swords can be toys as well.

    • You put a lot of thoughts into this! And well, it could be internet anonymity or a different perspective or perhaps bias-ness… It could happen in many things.

      Hardly anyone can have a 3D view of something, but they’ll probably stick to what they believe is right (or what they’ve seen) and then act accordingly to that …

      • My thoughts were narrow, I totally get your point. 😄
        We tend to give more value to what we perceive than everything else. Not a wrong thing to do, in my opinion, but there should be a balance and it helps to be open-minded about certain things, especially when we want to engage in conversations and raise our knowledge and awareness. 🙂
        Four people for the four faces of the cube (box), that makes sense.

        • Your thoughts are definitely not narrow … in fact you’ve come up with a lot to think about.

          This is actually a “respond” to some events in my life (bck then), now you’re bringing more thoughts (open-mindedness) to the equation! 🙂

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