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The bird problem …

I’ve kinda mentioned about the bird problem in our food centers (that are open air) and sometimes, the birds will also “invade” houses and make a mess.

I was out the other day to have breakfast when I saw it happened right in front of me.

A cleaner have left his “trolley” on the side while he went to clear some plates.. the birds flew over immediately …

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    They’re pretty fast to act and know the best timing …

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    They’re so used to human, they make no effort to avoid us… this guy was close enough to me to cpature this…

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    Do you think the bird problem is a problem or sometime we should get used to?

    • Problem to be solved
    • Live with it!


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  1. A certain bird left his droppings on my car and I spoke to the offending bird..
    The bird grabbed one of the match stick cherries it was going to eat and threw the cherries to me.
    As if to tell me to take the cherries and stop complaining.

    • It seems like they don’t like the idea of feeding the birds (bird feeder), because it would means that they’ll gather and breed at that location (or around the feeder)…
      but of course, they’re already doing that now … they hang out a lot around food centers.

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