The bicycle is once again on the roads

When the lockdown started to quell the rising number of contamination, the public transport was suspended. The government said that people should stop traveling hence the public transport is not needed for now. It’s been 3 weeks here of the lockdown where people have to walk distances when going to the supermarket or to the pharmacy. It is an ordeal for some. But lucky are those who owns a car since they can have the comfort of traveling by car instead of traveling by foot.

This is the time for the bicycle to be on the limelight once more. Old bikes are being cleaned and even refurbished. On the main road of our village, the bikes are lording it over the other vehicles. It is one good thing that I have noticed the air pollution to have vanished somehow. So how about using the bike every day?

  • Do you ride a bicycle to the market?


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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