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The Best Blogging Sites and Social Networks to Share (and Create) (Art)Work

Some people here are posting about making our own blogs and I’m thinking about it too. I’m not sure how that all works but I am thinking about making my own blog/site where I could share my artwork and crafts… Virily is great and I love sharing my work here but now I’m thinking about broadening my audience since there is only a few people here who are really seeing our posts, visiting and commenting them, therefore the picture that is created by their opinion seems not to be that real… I don’t say I don’t believe and not appreciate their opinion – I do and it is very important to me, but when there is more people who can see your work the picture created by their opinion could be more realistic, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that…!

But I’m just wondering… Which blogs/sites you could recommend me for that, which ones do you think would be the best for that…..? :/

When it comes to blogs I know about Blogger and HubPages but maybe there are some other solutions too… So what do you think…? πŸ™‚

Also, you probably all already know I was making some T-shirt and totebags designs on the site called Represent but unfortunately haven’t managed to sell anything there… I know there are other similar sites like Zazzle or Society6Β (where I also have some items listed but only managed to sell only one…!) so I’m wondering if you know and can recommend me the best ones of those too…?

My recent articles…:


Whaaaaat…..?! :))

Taking a Break, an Info from the Admin + the Dashboard Updated – the Viril Value Lower

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    • That is great to know and thanks…!!! I am surprised you are saying so though because I heard from various other people it is very hard to earn there but some (rare ones) are claiming they earned a lot there… :/
      Can you tell me “the recipe” for earning there and what do you mean by “freedom” there?

      • Wa Hen I talk about freedom is that your posts are not moderated. Everyone who joins is already a verified user. No need to wait for several days for your posts to be published.
        I write articles on various topics. Lengthy articles are preferred since they are easily searchable on internet search engines. This means the minimum length is 800 words.
        If you’re lucky, your article can be moved to their vertical or niche sites. In those sites the probability of getting many views is higher. You can’t expect a lot of comments like here but the views are high. Currently, I get 2000 views per day.
        The site has FAQ which has provided a lot of information. You can earn three ways on the site: Amazon, hubpages program and Google AdSense.

        • Oh, thanks, that is great! I thought you meant something else, like themes and similar, hehehe… πŸ™‚
          That is great too, variety… πŸ™‚ Yes, I noticed they are asking for long articles.. Well, thanks much for the thorough explanation and information, that is very helpful and useful! I didn’t know you can get so many views there, which is great! So earnings depend on the number of views or…?
          Yes, I should read it sometime, hehehe… πŸ™‚ So which one is the best..?
          Thanks much!!! πŸ™‚

          • Yah. It isn’t limited to articles only. If you have a hobby or talent in the field of art, you can post your artworks with plenty of explanation. But, you shouldn’t promote your artwork or use it as a marketing tool. It’s an information-based site.
            Since you want to sell your artwork, the better option to start your own blog. I don’t recommend blogger. Nowadays, many people avoid visiting such free blogs – blogger/blogspot/wordpress. The self hosted blogs are preferred but they come at a cost. In the long run they will be helpful as you will earn both from your sale and through ads displayed on the pages.
            You can start with a free will wordpress to build up your reputation before upgrading it to a paid one.
            Remember it will take time before you start reaping the benefits. It’s worth a try.

        • OK, that is great although very hard since artworks speak for themselves while there is no possibility to write like 800 words for them…
          Thanks for your advice and recommendation… I already have a free WordPress and also an opened Blogger although never actually started it and I am interested only in free blogs/sites, not able to have paid ones currently, and there is also a possibility to earn via ads there too

        • Hi! Yes, I noticed you were away and I was and still kinda am too! πŸ™‚ Thanks, I’m ok, thanks for asking and I hope you are fine too…! πŸ˜€ It was changeable here, there were hot days too although it would be great if there were more of them, hehehe…..! ;)))

          • I would not refuse more hot days hehehe…
            It’s so pleasant to know that someone noticed my absence. To have a hiatus is sometimes necessary or recommended in order not to make this site all year round routine. Maybe because for me it’s not the earning place but mostly the communication place!

        • I agree with you, I would love much more hot days now too…!!!!! πŸ˜€
          Hehe, nice πŸ™‚ I know, I feel the same when someone says that to me too… For me it’s both but it is pretty overwhelming when a constant routine, I agree…! It is also not that healthy, it can be very addictive and toxic when there are some bad relations like I had… :/

    • Thank you very much, I’m very glad you like them and think so…..!!! πŸ™‚ I know, not a problem… ;/) Thanks, even though I’m not sure I will start anything of those until I figure out what would be the best of those….. :/ And it also takes a lot of time for everything to manage, including Virily but maybe I should pay attention a little more to my own artistic presentation….. ;/)

  1. Hsssh… I don’t think I can comment much here because I really am not a real netter… I only have a neglected blogspot account, so I certainly can’t say “this is better than that”. It could be, if there are good suggestions from friends here, I will instead follow that advice too… Hehehe…

  2. I’m currently using WordPress, and have used Blogger in the past. I compare WordPress to Virily, but with less interaction. After using both, I would say that Blogger has more potential than WordPress because Blogger has monetizing capabilities.

  3. This discussion is very interesting as I also would like to sell my art work. I have a web site in FASO but never once sold anything there,,,
    You can become active, but I suspect the people who get somewhere in FASOmove in circles I don’t know anything about.

    Lately, I put up a question on a local website in NZ called Neighbourly and asked people what type of art they like.

    After about 20 replies, I got given an opportunity to submit my art work to the Onehunga Business society and I have put in 2 of my art works and 2 of Warwick’s art work to the exhibition.
    Im not even sure if people are going to even look at them but we have done something, Starts on 22nd June for 1 week and so far don’t have to pay for that either.

    • Yes, I thought it would be interesting for some of the users who are also interested in that… πŸ˜‰ What is FASO, never heard of it…? I also tried to find it online but couldn’t… :/ πŸ™‚

      Never heard of that one too… What is it for…?

      Oh, wow, that is great then…! πŸ˜€ I also never heard of that one too, so can you tell me what kind of a site is it too…? I guess it’s something for art…? So is that exhibition online or a real live exhibition…?
      Of course, that is great, and I believe they will… I tried something like that too when it comes to online exhibitions… That is great too and good luck…!!! πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks Tasartcraft, I think you are so right, “Keep calm and practice Art!”
        Art work has been part of my mostly life long and if I don’t do a painting I go stir crazy.
        Im now starting an oil painting painting just surf waves
        I haven’t a lot of experience with oils so I am really enjoying it

        If you look up
        Pamela Moresby on google or a search engine you may find my website.
        Its got lots of art work but I am not totally sure on how to organise it or make it pay.

        Had too much on my plate of things to do

    • That would certainly be great although that is not something I had in mind… I actually meant an independent blog or site to make an artist’s presentation for larger audience… Something like Facebook and Instagram are but just as a blog or a site… πŸ™‚

      I never heard of it but checked out the page… I see there is also a fee for joining (how much is that…?)…
      How much do you earn there and how it works…..? Virily is actually already a lot for me when it comes to such way of posting and activity but I’m curious and thank you for offering me a referral link, I will certainly have that in mind if I decide to join some time….. ;/)

  4. I am using for my own blog although Blogger is much easier to use. Don’t get confused between and, they are different. allows you to use your own name and hosting, it’s a free CMS (Content Management System).

    Though unlike other platforms like Virily and Hubpages, you need to allocate a certain amount in order for you to start with your own blog. With your own blog, you can sell your own products and you can also place advertisements like Adsense ads and Infolinks to generate more income.

    You may read more about it here:

    • I have one WordPress blog but not sure which one is it since it’s free, but I was using it only to share my articles from Niume… Later I stopped using it and I don’t know it’s popularity actually…..
      I don’t know which one is better, Blogger or WordPress…..? :/ Or there are some other good ones too…..?

      What do you mean by “allocate certain amount”… (of what…)?
      Yes, I know that, and that is a great possibility, although not sure how much you can earn by those ads from Adsense…? I heard HubPages also gives the possibility to link it with Adsense from one user (Mohan Babu) but only when it is a niche site or something like that I think…

      Ok, thanks, I will take a look when I manage…

      • What do you mean by β€œallocate a certain amount”… (of what…)?
        >It means you need to buy your own ‘domain’ and ‘hosting’ which can cost around $10-25 for a domain for 1 year and hosting which can cost $30 per year.

        not sure how much you can earn by those ads from Adsense
        >There are two types of Adsense, Hosted and Non-hosted. Hosted can be applied through Google-hosted sites like Blogspot, Hubpages, YouTube, etc. While Non-hosted can be applied through your own site and can be used on different sites that you own.

        • I didn’t understand what you meant by that statement so that is why I asked… Yes, but I don’t believe you have to buy it in order to have a blog or a site… There certainly are some free ones, even Blogger is free and I think you can add Adsense in it too… So I wasn’t asking about the ones that you have to pay for…

          I meant Adsense for free blogs and sites, how much can you earn from it… I thought you are earning from that too… :/

          • You can apply for an Adsense account ONLY if you have your own Domain. You can use Blogger and you only need to buy Domain because Blogger is owned by Google which is the biggest hosting platform and its free for Blogger users. After that, you can apply for Adsense.

            Yes, there are free like Blogger,, but you cannot use those to apply for Adsense. But you can definitely sell your own products.

            Free platforms have limited functionality.

        • I actually think you are wrong… I think you can apply for Adsense even with Blogger… HubPages gives that opportunity too when your articles are published on their niche sites… These are the info I got from other users as well…

          • Yes, as I’ve said, there are two types of Adsense, Hosted and Non-hosted. I am also a member of HubPages and have been using blogger. I learned to blog from Blogger. I applied for an Adsense account through YouTube and I used it with HubPages. That is what they called Adsense Hosted Account.

            What I mean above is the Non-Hosted. You can apply if you have your own site.

    • Ok not a problem…! Pinterest??? Really..?? Didn’t know that… Thanks! πŸ™‚
      I actually more meant on just promoting my art, presenting it, like a blog where I could post about it… But when it comes to sales I meant the sites for designing different items where there is the most sales since to me it seems there are no sales at all on some of them…..! :/
      Yes, someone else mentioned the wordpress blog too… I already have one but was using it only for sharing my links from Niume before… Since then I stopped using it since it became too much and I’m not sure about its popularity….. :/

      • Pinterest is great for driving sales as in people are more likely to click and visit or buy from your links included in your posts, especially for DIY crafts. But these are just info I gathered when making the social media quiz, so may not be as accurate and in depth.

        Hmmm, I’ve chosen the wrong vocab again… :/
        What I try to say with “holistic” is “all round”… so not only opinions but also advises. I’m not sure about crafts site (since I don’t really do crafts :p), but I used to join drawing sites whereby people are able to give technical advises and link to helpful tutorials or even draw to show examples… sometimes they can even recommend tools and where (website) is cheaper or are having promotion …

        • Oh, ok, that is great to know…! Didn’t know that but sounds logical and possible… Ok, not a problem…

          Yes, I kinda understood it like that later… Hehehe, ok.. πŸ™‚ OK, that would be useful for crafts but not that much for art since I already studied art… πŸ™‚
          I actually need a place to share my work as a presentation for larger audience…

  5. You’re right, Virily isn’t a niche site for artists, so you can’t get valuable opinions all the time. If I were an artist, I’d go check DeviantArt. I know they allow comments, I don’t know if there are forums, but they also allow you to sell your works (they offer printing options), or people can ask for personalized pieces (commissions).
    Instagram could be another option to promote your art and brand: use the proper tags, like and follow those in your niche or ask bigger pages if they’re interested in promoting your work (some profiles just repost the content of other people mentioning their IG name).

    • Yes, I think so too but I’m glad there are people here who like and appreciate (my and other people’s) art and some of them are making it too so it’s not like it’s not for the artists at all, so I appreciate comments and the opinion of the people here too… πŸ™‚ After all many people here are actually creative people or wouldn’t be and post here… ;/) It’s just that sometimes people can be insincere and comment and praise something just because we are all here… – on an earning site…
      I heard about that site but I think there are actually much better sites of that kind, for such way of presentation and selling, but thank you for letting me know…! I actually more meant something like a general place for a presentation… – like the Blogger or something like that…, maybe another big blogging site, although maybe it’s actually better to make a (free) site…? :/
      Yes, thanks, i think Instagram is great for that too… I made a profile although don’t have many followers… I am constantly getting followed and unfollowed at the same time but I think that is how things work there…? :/ I just don’t have the time (nor nerves) to do such things constantly but I should be a little more active there for sure…
      I do use tags, and was liking all the time, I also followed so much people so far that I can’t do it anymore… I should actually unfollow some people now, hahahahaha… ;D I also learned about those bigger pages for promoting…

      • Blogger is very good because it allows you to personalize your blog well, almost making it look professional, and it’s free. Sure, you’ll be left with that “blogspot” on your URL, because if I’m not wrong you have to pay to get a “proper” domain name, but it’s good nevertheless.

        Yes, that’s how it works in Instagram. Some people follow you hoping you’ll follow back, and will unfollow if you don’t. Others just get their profile banned so the amount of followers decrease. I have a page (because of an external site giving such a task) and I’m learning as I go, as well. πŸ˜„
        Unfortunately I don’t have much freedom, but it looks like it’s very important to post daily. πŸ™‚

        • Yes, I think so too… It’s also great that it’s free… I don’t mind that, I don’t know the impact of having that URL…? :/ Yes, I think you have to pay for it… 😐

          I think that’s not the situation… I thought it was like that but some people follow and actually unfollow when you follow them… That is how they are collecting follwers and I am so much annoyed by that…..!!! 😐 But, yes, some probably do like you said, but the problem is when you follow them you can’t see on their profile if they are still following YOU…..! 😐 So now I’m like following 3000 people while have only around 425 followers… I had more but became less active so… 😐 Now I would like to unfollow some but never know who follows me so not to unfollow them… 😐 Also I followed so many people and didn’t even notice how I got there to that number…! 😐 It’s like I liked everything when I signed up, didn’t know where to start so followed everything I liked… Now I don’t know where to start to unfollow some so I just take a look and close it..! 😐
          Didn’t know about the banned profiles but I guess those are those unreal profiles… 😐
          What external site…? :/
          What do you mean by not having much freedom…..? :// Yes, I heard that too, but it didn’t change my number of followers when posted daily so… :/ 😐

          • It’s a GPT site with an Instagram task. They ask you to create a new IG account and tell you what to post and who to follow or unfollow. Now you can choose among some niches when you sign up, but back then when I started, they gave me a random one (stay-at-home moms). πŸ˜„
            I’m sometimes asked to unfollow people who follow me, and I do that unless they interact with my content (likes or comments). It would be unfair otherwise, but I sometimes forget who likes my posts. Not everyone seems to realize I unfollowed them, so they keep on following and interacting with my content.

            About blogger, I think many people don’t even realize there’s a “blogspot” in the URL. Free members aren’t allowed to post affiliate links, unless rules have changed, but if you just want to post links to your shops you can do so. Then, of course, you can add Google AdSense.

        • I don’t know what is that (a GPT)…? :/ Oh, wow, really????? What kind of a site is that, what is it for when they are telling you what to follow and what to unfollow…..????? Hahahahha……..! πŸ˜€
          REALLY????? Why…..??? :/O
          Of course it would be unfair… Yes, it’s hard to realize who unfollowed you, it’s actually impossible to notice (unfortunately!!!!! :|)…..

          Yes, but only when paid, right…? :/ Yes, that is the only such thing I would post… Yes, I know… But what are actually affiliate links…..??! :/

          You seem to be much involved and informed about these things than me, heheheheeh……….!!!!! :/ πŸ˜€

          • GPT, Get Paid To. Most GPT sites are all the same, they ask you to complete surveys it’s hard to qualify for, download apps, watch videos, microjobs and stuff like that.
            Better than the Paid To Click ones, at least.

            Yeah, they say they give you people who follow those who post content of your niche, so there are higher chances they’re interested and will follow back. Your followers must be genuine, so they can’t be bought or such. It works as, even after weeks of inactivity, my followers were stuck at around 400. Slow but steady.

            Paying users in Blogger only have the “blogspot” in the URL removed and the freedom to add affiliate links, which are like referral links, but they’re about buying products than just joining a platform.
            It’s an online marketing thing, you help a company sell their products and they pay you a percentage (commission) if a reader of yours clicks and buys through your link. However, if you sell your own product, it is not an affiliate one, then you’re allowed to link it as a free user.
            AdSense is another affiliate thing but it’s free to use, and you earn if someone clicks or buys from the banner ads they ask you to put on your blog.

            Aww, thank you. πŸ˜„ I started to get interested in the online money making world about 10 years ago, if not more. I’ve never been constant but I learned and kept on learning a few things. πŸ˜…

          • I know, I wrote a whole article in just a comment. I apologize.
            I think they should add a maximum amount of characters in a comment, not just the minimum of 20, because of people like me. πŸ˜…

        • Hi!!! πŸ˜€ Sorry, I was away and still am but answering some of the notifs…

          I am currently not active on Instagram too but my followers are around 400.

          OK, those are kinda things I kinda already know about… Thanks! πŸ™‚

          • Hey hey! What have you been up to? Glad to see you back!
            Okay, not totally back, but… 😁
            The GPT site is currently fixing the IG task so I haven’t been earning for a while. I just do 10 likes and a follow (or unfollow) per hour on mobile phone to keep growing, to avoid action blocks as I got one via desktop (more of a laptop) for over a month.
            You don’t really need a GPT site for this kind of business, with repost accounts you can actually offer others to promote their pics to your page and charge for doing so. You need like 10k follows to start though. Your case is different because it’s not a repost account, but growing should work pretty much alike.

        • Hey hey! What have you been up to? Glad to see you back!
          Okay, not totally back, but… 😁
          The GPT site is currently fixing the IG task so I haven’t been earning for a while. I just do 10 likes and a follow (or unfollow) per hour on mobile phone to keep growing, to avoid action blocks as I got one via desktop (more of a laptop) for over a month.
          You don’t really need a GPT site for this kind of business, with repost accounts you can actually offer others to promote their pics to your page and charge for doing so. You need like 10k follows to start though. Your case is different because it’s not a repost account, but growing should work pretty much alike.

          Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yes, I’m not quite here yet but wanted to answer some… I was also wondering about you and a couple of some other (close) people here… I was suspended at first but it actually came at the moment I actually wanted to take a break so I’m still on it and also found another site which could be a little better than this one, at least it’s not based on only 10 regular people which are creating that very personal and closed atmosphere…
          Ah, thanks, but I’m not sure I understand it all quite well and I also don’t have an IG app, I also don’t have the time for all of that… I am also based only on my own creations, an authentic profile so… :/ Although it is very hard to get followers…! :/ 😐

        • Yes, I know, but even when I was it wasn’t bringing that many of them… Seems like you have to do it all day, too much effort for a couple of followers so I kinda gave up but I heard advertising is a good thing too, like an artist or a brand profile, so it can get you more followers too…
          Hmmm, not sure what you mean – what action blocked…? :/

          • Yes, pages with many followers will agree to promote you, but might not be free. You may have to look for a repost page about your niche that is not “conceited” enough, like less than 10k followers.
            When you like, follow or comment too much in a relatively short amount of time, IG will think of you as spammer and will block you from doing such activities for some time. Like a suspension, that’s the action block. The only thing you’re allowed to do is to post, but you can’t add a description to your posts.

          • Oh, sorry, I didn’t understand at first, now I get it… I know about those pages but not interested in paying them, but there are other ways of advertising on Instagram like paying them for making ads about your posts and it’s not much I think

          • Yes, right, you can pay IG itself and I guess it works like Facebook, so it can be very cheap or very expensive depending on how much you plan to invest. There was a bug and my ex got thousands of euros in advertising because they were accepting payments that didn’t take place. I don’t know if they fixed that, but it would be cheating so I wouldn’t really suggest it.

          • Yes, Facebook works fine, and Instagram shares the same owner. I was just talking of an issue my ex encountered.
            He had an empty debit card (no funds) and tried to buy advertising. The payment didn’t go through but Instagram accepted and the campaign was created. It showed the campaign and the funds invested, but he wasn’t charged. It’s quite likely that this bug has been fixed by now, but even giants like Instagram can have loopholes.

  6. You can sell your craft/art on facebook, amazon , zazzle and such. Your blog can help you showcase your art and you can link your customers to your other online stores. A wordpress blog would be good for this I think.

    • Yes, I know, but I actually asked which are that other ones that I don’t know about and which ones are actually the best for that… Yes, of course… Hmm, wordpress…? Ok… I know about it but didn’t know it is that popular… Thanks!

    • Hmmmm… I think Facebook and Instagram are ok, maybe the best for it, it’s a general place for it, but I more thought the blogging sites, or something like that… :/ Never heard of them except Fiverr but not sure if it’s for such things – a presentation for many people… Ok, thank you much, I will take a look….. πŸ˜‰

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