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The Beauty of Loneliness

“The soul contemplated is inclined to loneliness.”

It can be infinite. To hurt, to inspire, to help us rediscover ourselves. Loneliness … The one who comes to us when we have no love, we do not see meaning in life, or we just need to reload ourselves.

“Whoever does not love loneliness, he does not love freedom because only in loneliness is it possible to be free.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


All photos are taken in Torrevieja Spain. So, too, they all have a Nik Collection

© 2019-Elena Smilenova All Rights Reserved

  • Question of

    Would you feel lonely at such Natural Beauty?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    How would you like to meet the sunrise?

    • lonely
    • With a loved one
  • Question of

    This view how will you affect loneliness?

    • Will increase it
    • will reduce it


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  1. Your photos are surely lovely and with your home 200 meters away from the sea is just perfect for morning or afternoon walks, I have to say. I do not know, though, if loneliness is the right term – – – the way I read it, it speaks more of solitude than loneliness. One can be alone but not lonely. Amidst such beauty, how can one be lonely? Maybe queer but the only time I get lonely is when I am in the middle of big parties ???. I prefer either very small company of close friends or my own company.

  2. That’s a lovely photo. I don’t think that photo would make me feel lonely. Sometimes it’s nice to see such sunrises or sunsets in solitude. I think though, I would also like to be with someone sometimes to share such a lovely view.


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