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Article Body: Do’s and Don’ts I believe it’s appropriate to reiterate, that these do’s and don’ts are not hard and fast rules applied by everyone and they may differ vastly from writer to writer. I have merely shared what has been working for me. And, should anyone benefit from what I share here, it will have been absolutely worth the effort.

 So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Article Body Do’s:

 (1) Give: The article’s body should always include your best strategies, knowledge, and tips. 

(2) Always Be Concise and Clear: An article body could benefit from the use of numbered or bulleted lists so as to break down the article in an easily readable fashion.

 (3) Occasional uses of Italics or Bold words to Draw the reader’s eye to your most important information. When used excessively in an article body, it tends to lose this effect. 

(4) Entice Your Reader: by providing enough information in the Article Body to keep them engaged. 

Article Body Don’ts:

 (1) Pitch: Do not republish material, that is just a cheap sales pitch. Save your marketing exclusively for your quality, original article body content which when done right will market itself more successfully if written in a “non-selling” manner. 

(2) HTML: Creating links or keyword anchor text links in your article body will only hinder your chances of re-publishing your post elsewhere should you wish to do so. The one purpose of your article body is to share your expertise and provide useful information to your readers. Please make sure that you always have them in mind while you are writing and don’t forget about your keyword-rich article title.

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