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The Approachable and Unapproachable Virily Collections and How to Create Them

Lacho and Cmoneyspinner published the articles about Virily Collections this week while, at the same time, in my article, The Virily “HOT” Posts Page Link + Creating Polls Glitches, I actually published and wrote I thought the Collections are actually still not working… It’s because some of those things actually aren’t working (at least not the way I think they should – I will explain that later in the text) therefore I wasn’t exploring much further but the things Lacho and Cmoneyspinner mentioned are!!! 😀

The idea of making collections of our own articles Cmoneyspinner suggested in her article never even occurred to me but I liked the idea very much…! So that actually made me try the Collections and then I found out they are really working…!

The problem that actually makes things confusing are the “read later” and “add to favorites” options… Those are the only options I have tried before learning the Collections are actually working… When you add an article to those Collections the black pop-up notification with the link to the Read Later or the Favourites appears in the top right corner… When you click on those links they take you to those pages where it says those are Private Collections but the problem is you can’t see/approach those pages from the Collections > Private in the Menu on your Profile… The problem is you can’t find those pages anywhere except if you type those links in your browser yourself…!

Also, when you visit those pages, there is the Home > Collections > Read Later” or the “Home > Collections > Favourites” title at the top left corner of the adequate page so you can try clicking the “Collections” from those titles, but the problem is it doesn’t take you to your Private Collections you made but to this page: where actually all the Public Collections made by all the other users are…!

So, the only (current) way to make Collections is to create your own – whether of your own articles whether of other people’s articles by clicking on “add to collection”, and whether you make them Public or Private you will be able to approach them from your Profile > Collections but if you want to approach the “Read Later” or “Favourites” Collections the only way that I currently know of is the way I described above, OR you can save another article in one of those two Collections you want to approach to so the adequate pop-up notification appears again so you could click on the link in it which will lead you to that collection..

Creating Collections is also easy…: hover over the three dots which are placed at the right bottom corner of the thumbnail of each article, click on “add to collection” and the small pop-up window will appear asking you to give the Name to the Collection you want to make/create… Write the Name and click on the “Save” button… Your Collection will be created that way and the article you wanted to add to it will be in it too… To see that Collection go to your Profile > Collections > Private or just click on the link in the black pop-up notification that will appear in the top right corner after the post is added to the Collection you created. On that page you can change your Collection from Private into Public if you want by clicking on the purple “Edit” button… That way it will also move into the Profile > Collections > Public and will also become visible on this page:

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  • Do you know any other way of approaching those pages than the ones I described here…?

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • Thanks much, I think so too…! 🙂 Yes, I have the same feeling especially now that I found out about some other things I wrote about in my latest articles…, like there is the Hot posts page, not just the Trending… (take a look, just not to repeat myself again…)! Also, when some other people direct me to some other ways I haven’t known anything about…! ;/| 😀 This (the Collections) is also a brand new feature which I thought was still not working…

      That is how I was doing too before but now I have a different way… Also there are this options for saving but, like I wrote in the text, it’s a little complicated to find them after saving them… :/ 😐

    • Hahaha, yes, that is what I supposed you said, hehehe….. ;D I can understand that, even the ones who are “old” users don’t know about some things and these are all actually the brand new implementations so it’s not a wonder…..! ;D

    • Yes, probably…, that is the user I mentioned in the text as well as her post about this… Great… I actually explained everything here but you can ask if you have any questions… You are very welcome and thanks for commenting…!!! 🙂

  1. I am very happy with the Collections feature. I hope in the future they improve it by allowing you to arrange the Collections in alphabetical order. Collections are like Pinterest pinboards. Right now I have over 50 boards. Pinterest has a feature where you can arrange those boards alphabetically. I used to manually drag my boards across the screen to try to group them. Arranging them in alpha order was so much easier! Here at Virily the Collections are in chronological order. They appear in the listing as of the time you created them. I would love to be able to show them alphabetically. But I love this feature. It’s great!

    • Yes, it’s a great feature… 🙂 That never occurred to me but it is a nice idea too… I must say I would be more happy if they fixed old posts so my photos become Visible in them and many other crucial things on the site that are currently not working well than implementing that feature, and also knowing how things are “updated” and implemented here I really doubt they will make such an implementation too, I think it would be too much for them since you can’t even choose between some other already given options that should be already working here and they are not…

  2. There are the shortcomings you describe. Let us hope we will soon enjoy them by having them finished and working without problems. I personally have created collections. I would be delighted if, when I created the post, I would climb a window that would ask me: “In what collection” I want the photo or pictures to be stored.

    • It is the feature you have in the Menu on your Profile page but you have to create a Collection first in order to see it there… You can also put articles (save them) for “reading later or as “favorites” through the options given on those three dots I mentioned… But the problem is such saved articles won’t be in the Collections section on your Profile but in the place I described above… In the Collections section on your Profile you can see only the ones you create yourself (the way I described above…)… 😉 Hope it’s a little more clear now, hehehe… 😉

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