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The Angry Coffee Talk……… 😐 – The Overall Virils Number Is Not Correct!!!!!

This is something I started noticing two days ago when I accidentally noticed some of my Virils notifications (on the Virils page) didn’t sum up correctly, actually weren’t added to the large Virils number which is showing the overall number of Virils we earned (the User Balance)… I thought maybe the summing up is a little late so when I received a couple of new Virils notifications it looked like the missing ones (the missing Virils) were added then too although I wasn’t exactly calculating, just took a short quick approximate look…

Since I am checking that page and that number often lately due to the lack of views I was tracking it a little…

The next day (yesterday) I noticed I was receiving a lot of view notifications because lately I am putting the links of my recent Virily posts into my new posts so people who missed some info I previously wrote that are related to the new article can be informed, so I started counting the Virils I got, comparing it to the large Virils number showing the overall number of Virils we earned (the User Balance) and writing the time of those checks!… It turned out that SEVERAL Times some Virils it showed I earned (the Virils notifications on the Virils page) WEREN’T ADDED (summed up with the large overall Virils number)………..!

For example…: if I received 3 notifications for 3 opened Polls the large overall Virils number should be higher for 15 Virils (3 x 5 Virils) but instead only 10 Virils would be added, then I would receive 8 notifications for 8 opened Polls and instead 40 Virils being added to the large overall Virils number (8 x 5 Virils) only 25 would be added, and the next time 28 Virils were not added…!!!

I was waiting to see if the adding is late – it wasn’t!…

Today I also received a lot of view Virils and went to check it again so I calculated them all (several times!!!) and compared to the large overall Virils number and 38 Virils was not added (summed up) to it…! Then I was opening today’s posts and in the meantime received a couple of views for my newest post I published only to Check! this in another way (by posting an article without putting links in it) and it happened the same – 9 Virils weren’t added (summed up) to the overall Virils number!

Yesterday I asked a couple of users to open some of my posts and the ones on the links to check if that will happen again but it didn’t so now I’m wondering if this is happening due to the fast opening of posts and links at the same time or it’s something else…

Today I also noticed a couple of users who usually open my posts before upvoting them only upvoted them so I wrote them a message to check and they said they opened the posts (it was about my latest and my today’s newest Check! posts…!) so now I’m not sure if even some Virils notifications are now missing too but after that I again noticed I received 3 views of my 3 different Polls and only 10 Virils were added (summed up) to the large overall Virils number instead od 15 (3 x 5 Virils)!…

So when you count it all it turns out to be up to almost 100 Virils a day, depending on the number of Virils notifications we get I guess…

I wrote a message to the Virily Editor about this yesterday but I still didn’t get the answer so I wrote 2 or 3 e-mails to the support today and still nothing…! 😐

The Coffee Talk… – My View on (Low) Views, Reduced Limits and the Viril Value

The Coffee Talk – Before I Continue Posting… (Comments, Views and Daily Limits)

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    Did you notice the same…?!?

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    Do you think it is a glitch due to the fast opening of posts (several Virils notifications) at the same time or something else?

    • A glitch
    • Something else
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    • I hope that too……….! 😐 🙁
      They are paying us but the problem is some Virils we receive are not counted (summed up) in the Counter.

      I am glad you think so and you are not the only one who said so… 🙂 Are you on myLot too…? I heard they are not paying anymore, is that true…? :/

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Yes, this one is on the top of the stuff, and the top of the tops is they are not answering about it!!! Of course…, no one will take such behavior……… At least they could tell “it’s a glitch”, or “we are working on it”, or similar…! 😐 When they are not answering it is only makings us really believe it’s not a glitch!

        • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is awful………….!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don’t understand anything here anymore…! I don’t understand how they are not capable of solving almost Anything here for years, just making new bugs with their “implementations” where the Design seems to be the most important to them of all the other annoying things…! They are capable of implementing a new design in just 3-5 days while everything else is never fixed only new bugs added!!! I’m really pi**ed, sorry……….!!! Now I actually learned there is Another new bug with the missing photos which happened with this new design, it happened all the other times they were doing such changes and those things were Never fixed! I really don’t understand!!!!!! 😐

          • I stopped trying to figure it out. i have no idea what is going on behind the scenes here. I come here when I can and I am not posting much because, I am having issues being able to. I will just have to wait and see what happens.

        • I know, I’m fed up and tired of it all too… I just have to post about it to inform the users and exchange opinions and possibly make admins solve things… Unfortunately waiting didn’t help much here too… :/| I have a couple more articles in preparation and then I hope I could start posting something more relaxing…

    • Paying less should have Nothing to do with not counting Virils properly………! They already reduced the limits, the Viril value is lower, but “stealing Virils” is something completely different and I haven’t noticed it till now… So I really hope it’s a glitch………! But not answering us Anything about it is only making us think the worst, and as some already said, just making us not wanting to be here more and more!…
      And yes, what to say about Not updating the FAQ………..!!!

      • I don’t know what else you meant, these are approximately the main things besides the usual glitches and the new ones that happened after the changes… I also heard from a user he is noticing this since the changes as well while I and one other user first noticed it 3 days ago although that number did kinda look smaller than it should generally… :/

          • Yes, I was optimistic for a long time and some bugs were never fixed while some new ones appeared…! This issue is important and I hope it will be fixed but knowing how they are “fixing” things I am not that sure about it……… :/|(

            This is the 2nd or 3rd time they are changing the site design and the 2nd or 3rd time photos are missing in older posts…! The previous time that issue was not fully fixed and it stayed like that in the oldest posts, and now I was informed by a user who visited some of my “newer” old posts photos are now missing there too…!!! So it means it happened AGAIN!!!!!… So they are changing the design all the time while not fixing the REAL BUGS like almost NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😐

            Yes, thanks, I think so too but I am also worried when I write about these things because I don’t know how admins are looking at it… I also see some users decided to be “fine” with it………. Yes, I will be “fine” about it because i can’t do Nothing but I will certainly want that issue to be fixed, except if it is not put that way intentionally, since we see the Viril value is lower and the daily limits are reduced as well…! 😐

          • Can you also tell me what were the posts about, maybe it’s something that is not allowed, maybe something you mentioned in them…? :/ But check the drafts! And you can send a message to the Virily Editor who approves posts about it asking why it was rejected and what to change, what is wrong and similar, although I don’t promise they will answer……….! 😐

  1. I have seen incorrect virils for a very long time and so I have never been sure of anything on my charts. I have noticed that often the figures can change daily without warning and so I just write posts and if I get paid fine but if not, go with the flow.

    • I didn’t know you noticed it before, but now I’m not sure what exactly you are noticing………? :/ If you mean the dashboard, this is not about the dashboard at all, it is about the other number which is always consistent and only sums up all the Virils we earn – the large number on the right!

  2. I have no idea about how the Virily numbers work. One day I did notice that something was wrong because I had Virils over thousands and I knew that wasn’t right and then the next day in the hundreds so I am not sure what is going on

    • Each time you receive Virils and a notification for them on the Virils page the large number updates with that sum (they get added to it), but I noticed when there are several such notifications at the same time the large number skips some and doesn’t update properly with all the received Virils but only with several of them (doesn’t add – sum them all up)…
      I didn’t understand you well… Can you tell me where did you have those thousands and hundreds actually………? ://

      • Today I see two numbers 135 on the left side and 950 on the right side. One time I went to my notifications and on the left side, there was a strange number of over 5,000. Now I knew something was wrong but I waited and the next day things were back to normal

        • I don’t understand… Left and right side………? :// I only have one large number on the right side showing all the Virils we earned.
          Now I checked your page… It’s a gitch, it is not the problem I’m talking about… Your number is 135,956 so it was probably divided and separated in 2 separate numbers due to some bug…!

    • Which total…? Are you sure you mean the same number as me…? (the large colored one on the Virils and Notifications pages) How do you mean it is not moving…? When did you notice it? Is it all the time or…? Mine is moving but it is not updating (calculating) properly…

        • Yes, that is EXACTLY what I noticed too…! I thought it could be because it was the end of a day so maybe I earned “too much Virils” but I think that doesn’t exist since there is no limit (written anywhere) for that. I noticed it happens when there are several notifications at the same moment like the system skips to count them all…!

          A user also told me there was a time when she was reaching over 1000 Virils a day (long ago) and it seemed like she wasn’t getting any Virils for any of the views and similar then so I asked why didn’t she write to the admins to check because I never heard of something like that but today I noticed something similar with mine (users said they opened posts but I didn’t notice the Virils notifications – if they were honest….. :/ :|)…

        • Really………?!? It is very weird we both noticed it only these two days, and another user said he noticed it too because I’m usually not counting/checking it that way…
          Are you sure it was regular before, were you checking it………? Could be it was, i also never noticed that but I also never counted before, and now I was receiving a lot of notifications…

        • Great! Thank you, it is a relief……….!!!!! I hope it is just temporary and that it will be fixed…!
          It’s a good idea keeping the tab actually, I never thought about doing so…
          It’s like I’m not even receiving some Virils besides they not being summed up properly in the large number…!

        • Ok, I thought you didn’t see the upper comment…
          It’s weird you didn’t notice it before because Introvert says he/she is noticing it since the changes and to me that number did look smaller than it should be for some time generally but I wasn’t checking it till now.

    • I never counted them till now, it looked like it was updating properly, but now I’m noticing it constantly…!!! And, yes, it’s really bad news…! You are welcome and hope everyone will join to support this and make admins fix it…! I hope that too but currently I’m having some very bad conspiracy theories………!! :/

  3. I don’t think the overall virily counter has ever been accurate. In the past, I have refreshed the page and without any activity, the numbers were going up and down. I think it is more important what will be shown in the dashboard when it gets updated for the month.

    • I wasn’t checking it till now when I noticed this… It looked like it was counting well when a view or a comment is added but when there are several Virils notifications it is not adding them properly…! Really???????????!!!!!!!!!! So you counted them yesterday too??????????! :O Hahaha!… 😀 This is unbelieavable… Thanks much, I am glad you are confirming this…!!! Although this is not good news at all………! 😐

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