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The Amazing Voice of Thomas Otten

Thomas Otten is unusual.  I am referring to his voice.  It’s so unusual.  He is a countertenor singer.  Some say his musical style is a Classical Crossover.  I’m like …???  Crossover from where to where?  From earth to heaven?

I did not find this talented artist.  My late husband who always enjoyed listening to all kinds of music was playing the music video for “Espiritu” when I came home from work one day.  As soon as I heard his amazing voice, I forgot what kind of day I had at work.  Was it a good day?  Was it a bad day?  I don’t remember.  I left planet earth and was immediately transported to an ethereal alternate reality.

I describe Thomas Otten’s voice as ethereal (definition: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world).  I don’t know what the singing voice of an angel sounds like.  It could sound like him.  Ya think?

Enough talk.  You listen.  You tell me.

Thomas Otten – Espiritu

Sanza ~ Thomas Otten

Thomas Otten Close to Silence : “Dulciate” suivi de “Espiritu”

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