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The Alphabet Photo Challenge: The Letter “M” is for Meatballs

Getting back to the Alphabet Photo Challenge, we are now on the letter “M.”  I chose the word meatballs to represent the letter “M.”

Meatballs are usually a family favorite, especially for the kids.  When I was growing up meatballs and spaghetti was one of the few foods that my cousin who lived next door would eat.  His mom paired this with applesauce and that was his meal.  About the only vegetable he would eat was green beans.

Photo Credit:  Pixabay, public domain

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Written by Karen Gros

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  1. it was a staple of our diet. My mom made spaghetti all the time.

    One year she and I decided to go all out. Homemade sauce, homemade noodles for a party.

    My dad came home and saw the kitchen. He said “wow, the house was bombed. Was anyone injured” tools us three hours to clean the kitchen but the cooking was a blast!

    • Yep, a staple in my home too with the kids growing up. I remember when my cousin and I shared an apartment back in the day. I always made a homemade sauce and chopped all fresh ingredients. He fell in love with my spaghetti and told everyone my spaghetti was to die for. He had been out of him mom’s house for a couple of years at that time and was missing home cooked meals!

        • That’s awesome! My oldest daughter was always too busy. She was in competitive gymnastics and in the gym sometimes 6 days out of the week. if she wasn’t working out herself, she was teaching pre-school classes. She loved it. The twins did much better! I remember getting a call at work one day where my oldest was actually at home after school and not the gym. She wanted to know how to open a can. We still tease her about that.


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