The all-time favorite cassava cake

Recently I posted an old picture of the cassava cake that I made. I usually give some to my relatives and friends. Now it seems that I have to bake cassava cake again for the numerous requests that I received. This is not to complain but they get the cassava cake for free because I never sell anything from me whether it is a product of my garden or of our oven.

Cassava is cheap and the ingredients are not expensive either. But the labor is punishing for I have to peel the cassava, grate it and press to remove the juice. The young coconut is grated into strips for inclusion that is aside from the coconut milk, sugar and condensed milk. It is so tiring to make cassava cake.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I did cry because it must take quite some time to make it. That is very nice that you give it away after you make it. Do any of the ones you give it to ofter to make one for you or want to pay you for the time it takes to make it or for all the ingredients you put in even though you said they are not expensive?

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