That photo is priceless

Those are all my nieces and nephews and the littlest one is held by my mother. She was just two months old.   This photo was taken on my wedding day years ago .  Two are no more and I lost my dear mother too a few years ago . 

The equation has now changed in leaps and bounds and I will have to use a calculator to get to the exact number.  My mother had a brood of 9 and that explains. 

All of them are doing well – married and two have become grandmothers. 

We have all scattered now and there is never a chance that we will get together at one place.  Some are in the US, some in Australia and others in different parts of India. Of the siblings I have lost 4

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  1. I deeply feel nostalgic about my family, too. My mother is alive and well at 83. My siblings, five, whom I miss to terribly.

    You have a great extended family there, Grace! Lovely, cherished memories and photos! Thank you for sharing.


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