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Thank you, thank you, but STOP….

I’ve been thinking a lot about if I should or  I shouldn’t  write this post, because  many will misjudge what I want to say! But I reached the stage that I do not care anymore! So this is a thank you post for those who, constantly, upvote my posts but never open them! My only regret is that they (who I know but will not tell them the name) will not be able to enjoy these thanks because they will not open and read this post!

  Dear upvoters, these flowers are for you! I thank you , but stop upvote my posts if you don’t open them! It will not help either you or me! It’s not worth the effort, believe me. 

  • Question /

    Are you just an upvoter?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Was I wrong writing this post?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. The photo is awesome, I love your post. I know I do not read a lot of yours cause I have been doing other things, and my posting reading and commenting is so much less than it had been. When I do read your post I see the wonderful writer that you are.

  2. I totally understand the reason you wrote this post. It is not nice to just upvote a post without at least opening it. If I click that upvote button, I do so so people will know I actually read it. but if I read it I usually can find at least one positive thing to say about it.. When people upvote without reading this does no good. An upvote does not earn anyone any points. It doesnt help them know you better or your posts, and to me that is the main reason I am here. This isn’t a game and shouldn’t be treated as one. This is what I call the gamers. The people who don’t really care. Good post and thank you for saying what many of us are thinking.

  3. There are users who upvote without ever reading the posts but there are others who upvote after reading but they don’t have anything to say (which is understandable). But as the other it said, don’t take it too seriously or personally.

  4. All I want to say Ileana is that your picture and pictures are well worth posting and viewing and upvoting and commenting on. I have to admit though that I read posts that grab my attention at first sight (so a fair amount of your posts) and I always upvote them but also write a comment just like I am doing now. As for the second question that you posted, I did not give any question as I do not want to offend you or anybody else…

    • I am aware that I have no talent as a writer! But in order to publish the photos, I have to write a few words which, in my case, are trivial, do not bring anything interesting. That’s why I hoped the photos would speak for me! I’m here as a photographer, not as a writer!

  5. Some upvote without opening a post, others comment without reading it, but I think it’s a waste of time to take things like these personally or seriously. If you know the truth, then just ignore these users. By the way, sometimes people upvote a post much later than they have opened it the first time, so it doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing something sketchy.

  6. I will be honest here and I am never upvoting without opening……….
    You say you often open and read posts without any leaving trace about it……… Like your opinion that it is perfectly fine is, probably some people think the same about upvoting and think they are rewarding you that way……… Many people care about upvotes as it is a sign of appreciation, some are also maybe not able to open posts because viewing from a phone, but certainly some also mind someone reading a post and never upvoting it……… So it is kinda weird to me someone who almost never upvotes any post and only rarely comment (I do appreciate you started being more active on that and I am glad for your comments on my posts………! 🙂 ) to complain about their posts not being opened and only upvoted………
    But maybe I’m wrong and don’t see another perspective here……… :/

  7. I accidentally clicked “Was I wrong writing this post?” on yes but it was just my stupid mistake here – the answer should be NO. We should all be openminded, honest talking with each other as it is a little community. I always open all posts I vote even if I do not comment but I read them, at least read the beginning of each post to decide if I should continue reading and if it’s interesting to me. Anyway, it is strange that everyone now complains about a decreased number of views and even does not bother to open it. The more we open and read the more Virily earns, and at the same time, we earn more too.

    • It is not a problem if you voted “yes”. Even I am aware that I was wrong to publish this post. But I have moments when I feel I have to say what I think. I open almost all my friends’ posts. I never upvote unless I open them! The views on my posts come more from outside the site. For example, out of 20 views, 3 views come from Virily, 17 come from outside!

      • I think it is good that you wrote this, some new members may even do not understand that without opening post and viewing adverts they just waste time. As we all know, only a few people before starting any kind of work actually read rules, FAQ, and that always surprises me. BTW, such posts generate the most interesting discussions.

        If to talk about outside views, it is a pity that we get zero for them. The site could start to prosper if we were paid for bringing more outside visitors, now there is not any incentive to put efforts in this direction.

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