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Received payment today. Thank you for the members for your continued support.

The least amount I have received this year. Things seem to be on shaky ground here for many who still cannot post. Almost a week for many.

Nevertheless, thank you to everyone!

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. I cannot even announce my payments and you are right My virils are 21 thousand plus but my payment is 17 plus dollars.

    Our posts are not published but verified users and the new comers’ posts are.

    They cannot do anything to you because you all are verified but see our plight Every second post of mine almost got the rising icon and appeared in the trending section and see where I am now.

  2. I am glad you got paid. Unfortunately I have been waiting for payment since September. I thought I would get it today but nothing. I have been in touch with Virily and even though I got responses I still do not have my money and I still don’t know why. . Very sad especially since It takes me several months to accumulate payout so it is not like I am collecting money on a monthly basis.

  3. Carol, I am happy that you the writers accepted by admin are continuing to make money. I now realize some truths here and personally I will be around for a bit more but I can tell you as I struggle along I do appreciate the other members’ help here but that is not going to see me through.

      • Carol, for a person on this site, made persona non gratis by the admin it is not difficult to do the math. I have a WordPress banner and cannot post others selected do not and can post so I guess I should be grateful that I can at least read and comment and do notifications. When it finally comes to my heartbreaking decision which won’t be too soon but I feel is coming because I will no be given any choice by admin do you think you would be willing to post one last post for me? Say sometime in November? I write this here because I want others to see what the problems have let people to here, I received a message from I hope I have the name right jaylar and their decision is to leave,

        • Of course I will post for you. And feel free to message me if you would rather, instead of on comments, if you are able to do that. But I agree about typing this public so others can see. You make a good point. Yes Jaylar has messaged me as well. Do you know if anyone received payment, the ones who cannot post?

          • No, I have not heard anything about that. But I have decided to keep writing admin and asking them to please explain their thinking about keeping some members from posting and letting others post, That should be a really good answer and I will not stop writing until they tell me what is on their minds.

  4. Congratulations, dear Carol …. I really have enough of this Virily … they seem like ordinary bastards … they don’t say anything specific … I’ve been blocked for 10 days … I hope that soon it will blow

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