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Terrific Benefits of Aloe

Aloe has been proven to be a powerful natural treatment that is used all over the world. You can get and grow an aloe vera plant in your own home or garden. It has amazing medicinal qualities and is widely used in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Healers in Africa use aloe extensively and in Bali, it is known as “lidah buaya,” or “crocodile tongue,” and is a potent immune-system booster. In Europe, it was approved as an immune-system booster for patients with AIDS. It is recommended as a natural therapy.

Aloe has been shown to trigger apoptosis or cell death in liver, brain and glandular cancer cells. The higher the doses the more effective it is. In studies in China, it was revealed that aloe-emodin is antiviral and has the ability to kill lung, liver, and breast tumors.

The aloe vera plant has three powerful immune-system boosters – polypeptides, polysaccharides, and acemannan. Aloe has also been known to minimize the damage to the body from chemo and radiation therapy.

To gain the benefits of aloe it is advisable to drink aloe water or juice which can be found in health food stores. However, you can get the benefits straight from the aloe vera plant. The sticky substance from the plant can help heal burns, treat canker sores, reduce constipation, improve skin and prevent wrinkles and even lower blood sugar levels.

The photo is of my aloe plant on my front porch

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  1. It is great on the hair as well, I apply the gel on my hair for an hour or so and wash it off. Leaves my hair hydrated and shiny. Great for ulcers and stomach troubles as well.
    It is now added into fruit juices to get a thicker consistency.

  2. In Jamaica we call it sinkle bible. We use it on our skin, we use it on our hair, (obliterates grey) fresh cut aloe, with the gold blood? That gold blood can be used in your eyes to clear them. Many people drink it for stomach health.


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