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Technology for children

The digital technology was clearly invented for business that it was not really meant for entertainment at first. But later on the technology evolved into a one-stop shop for work and play. Especially with the emergence of the easy video that even a grade schooler can create his own YouTube channel, the video is already an industry.

At what age should a child be exposed to the technology? Some parents say as early as they want because they don’t want their child to be left behind. Being ignorant of technology is like being illiterate. That is true. But what if the drawback to the early use of technology will come in later in life like a bad eyesight or a numb mind? That would be scary but it would be too late.

  • What age do you think a child should use technology?

    • 3 or younger
    • 4 or 5
    • 6 and older


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Written by Alex Socorro

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