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My wife bought me a new truck today. Just to be clear, it is a hot wheel. Hot Wheels are the tiny model cars we used to give the twins.


There are several things I’ve been looking at recently, and I have some reviews coming. I am so far behind on reviews; it gets a little frustrating at times. One of the things I am going to focus on going forward is the reality of voice embedded devices. A good friend of mine emailed me a meme yesterday that made me think about delving more into the topic (it was a picture of a voice activated door that opened when you said “open sesame.”) It made me laugh. Then I started thinking of a bunch of crazy uses of embedded technology like a voice assistant button on an overcoat. “Hi, you don’t need me today, it is currently 75 degrees, and today’s high is 86, so put me back in the nice dark closet and walk away”! Button what’s the weather today? That sadly started me down a path of crazy additional stuff. Can you imagine a fork that was also a voice assistant? “That’s enough cake for you!” There was a smart fork that brand when you were eating too fast.

The other things that I have been bouncing around lately aren’t as much fun.  I won’t bore you with those.

I also have a couple of follow up reviews coming. Sometimes it seems like I keep falling behind (I am) and I am never going to catch up (I haven’t yet). It is interesting because I used to review things that were bag worthy (had to be in my bag that went with me to other locations) versus things that were more permanent (office based). I got away from those types of reviews a few years ago. I am thinking about going back to that.

The poll is around those questions trying to see if I should go back!Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. The mind boggles with the advances of technology but it is great and very exciting.

    A voice message to tell you the time would be great so that you get up and ready and tools down when appointments need to be kept

  2. Sorry I got distracted with the hot wheels. I was always very angry that my brothers had cool hot wheels. I did not. So when they got married I took them out of the toy closet and packed them up in my old suitcases. I was 16 at the time.

    When I was going through stuff the other day and emptying the storage unit I found them. I brought them home.

    I really want to set up the tracks tonight while my brother is sleeping, but I think he might be more angry than thrilled that I took them. (I don’t believe anyone ever asked me about it, but that has been forever ago.)

    He never let me play with them. It would be pay back. Do you think I will do it or not?

  3. Crap, this published without teh questions….

    Oh well…

    1. Would you like me to start listing things that I carry with me (backpack worthy) vs. Things to be left at home in my reviews?
    2. Would you like to nominate technologies to be reviewed?

    Feel free to answer as a comment or a reply to this one!

    • I was looking all around for the questions… oh well!

      1. Yes
      2. Yes

      I always bought Dustin a hot wheel car/truck each week while grocery shopping. The highlight of his week. He had a huge collection.

      • I think in all honesty it was a Doc error, not a site error as for the questions!

        We had a plastic tub full of Hotwheels. My wife did the same thing, buying one for each of them every week when shopping.


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