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I know I am a huge weather geek. I’ve shown, shared and talked about the fantastic home stations NetATMO and Bloomsky. One of the things that I’ve also talked about in the past is the wonderful product Raspberry Shake. It gives you a home seismograph. Now that isn’t something everybody needs, but it is something that anyone might want to know about. I live near, and when we first moved to Maryland, we had a fairly major earthquake. The ground shook all the way from Southern Virginia all the way to DC. Knowing and being aware of that type of information is critical. It is also a great tool to have, for just understanding the world around you.

Now, that said I know I am a bit of a geek regarding science gear. I grew up in the house of a science educator. Based on that childhood I was exposed to many scientific concepts, principles, and tools. I used to love to wander to the Geology School at Indiana University with my father and watch the Seismograph. We would go once a month, or every couple of months and I would always head to the lobby where the seismograph was displayed. My favorite scientific endeavor is astronomy. That comes, with my love of technology. From watching NASA launches, landings and harrowing events (Apollo 13 I rushed home from school every day to make sure they were still ok) shared by NASA.

Many of us today, use the science we learned as young children, in high school and college and beyond. We often, however, don’t realize that we are using the science we learned many years before. We chalk it up to learned or shared a common experience and move on.  Like the technology that ebbs and flows around us, science is everywhere.  From the calculations of bodies in motion (math and physicals) to know that it isn’t a good idea to mix a base and an acid if you can’t guarantee the container can support the heat don’t mix the two. We use science often without realizing it (the right mix of water and fertilizer for example in a garden is biology). In honor of my father, I still collect, run and play with scientific instruments. Thanks, dad, for a lifelong learning tool!

The picture is of the new Raspberry Boom, which measures sound in the world around us. Who knew some things are so loud in the world around us?

  • Did you enjoy taking science classes in school?

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  • How much science do you use in your everyday life now?

    • I use the science I learned every day
    • I use the science I learn on occasion
    • The day I left school i stopped even thinking about science!

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I try to let my understanding of science inform my artwork, this could be anything from using the correct index of refraction on transparent or semi-transparent materials to determining wingspans via weight to surface area, that sort of thing…

  2. You and your gadgets. I love it as I always learn something from your posts. I keep an eye out for the weather but the only gadgets I have are the Weather Channel desktop thermometer which shows temps and humidity on the front porch and in the back. Amazing the difference on most days.

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