Tech Wiz on hiding cables, and well seeking cables from above!

One of the things I have been evaluating is cable runners. I want to run a cable from the home media room to the new guest room. But because I want to be able to put the VR computer in that space (with no windows it has less light, but additionally it is also possible to close the door and have a more immersive VR experience both sound and VR projection. There are many cable runners on the market, I was looking for one that would allow me to run an ethernet cable, but if I needed to, run a second or third cable in the same runner. I did finally find one on Amazone. For the most part, I wanted one that would support, as I said multiple cables but would also easily attach to the wall.

The other thing I am looking for is a good small drone. I have a selfie drone that is functional, but I want to get back into flying drones. I am waiting for the Aguadrone to ship, that one is a product that I will be reviewing. But between now and May I want to occasionally fly a drone. I am wandering around trying to figure out what it is I am looking for. The selfie drone is great indoors and in low wind. But honestly, if there is more than a 5mph breeze, it doesn’t do well. So I need something to hone my droning skills. As I said, it is on the list of things I am wondering about. ROV’s are fun to play with, but as with anything if you have a specific plan or need you to have to be the pick.

The right drone to practice with is my problem, I understand. The business value of drones remains outside, and there are a few. For example, phone companies and power companies use drones to fly along power and phone lines. It is cheaper to watch the lines with drones than forcing a human being to go out and walk the line. Oil pipelines and refineries use drones for spotting heat leaks and pipeline leaks. The use cases are growing, but for now, practicing is me problem. I do not expect a lot of comments on drones. I have come to realize that most people have only a passing interest in the reality of drones. I am ok with that. It isn’t an expectation that everyone be interested in drones. Someone has to be looking ahead!

  • I realize most people don’t care about drones, but do you want to hide cables in your house?

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