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Tech and Children

Technology giants Bill Gates and Steve Jobs prevented their children from playing with electronic devices, whereas, we move ahead with the use of technology to our children. Experts warn that the prolonged use of electronic devices has a negative impact on education, especially for children. So, it is very important to control their use of technological equipments.

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Written by raaman


  1. I am not in the subset “people with kids” so I have no right to say this; but, I have always thought that one shouldn’t protect their kids from the world too much. They will have to live in the world eventually. Protect the world from your kids by teaching them to “widen their circles of compassion” as Einstein suggested.

  2. First off, your article isn’t fact filled.

    Bill and Melinda Gates allowed their children to use technology.
    Steve Jobs didn’t have a relationship with his first daughter, so there was no influence. She and his wife allowed their children to use tech.

    When you publish things like this, you need to include a source.

    I would be happy to provide you with sources for both the statements I’ve made above.

    Additionally, i would like to point out that the cognitive studies show the development of a child’s brain and overall dexterity, increase with video game playing. Not decreass.

  3. Parents should ensure they control how much their children spend on electronic devices. It can ruin their lives in diverse ways.