Teaching how to cheat

This news telecast set me wondering.  No doubt a serious issue but many took to twitter and that made the news quite laughable

This Principal of a local school here in India collects a few students and teaches them how to cheat at a Board Exam. He suggests among other things that they place a hundred rupee note among exam papers

A student present at the ‘coaching class’ records the session and sends it to the Chief Minister. The Principal is now cooling his heels in  jail.–video/

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  1. Is there ever any call for cheating ourselves, or others, in our lives, by gaining an unfair advantage, for example, by taking short cuts, or by deceiving others?

    If we look at love, would love ever cheat others?

    Love is always fair, never cheats, never deceives, is always truthful, and always does the most loving thing for all, so yes, love never cheats, and so neither should anyone else cheat either.


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