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Teaching binary numbers

I came across a post about making binary bracelets. It’s said that it’s a great way to introduce coding. I think it’s a good time to introduce binary numbers to my elder son. I still remember how my teacher introduced binary numbers to us. He told us about the aliens who have only two fingers and hence their number system is base-2 system.

I taught my son how to find the ASCII code for each alphabet, and then convert it to binary numbers. He told me he already learned how to convert decimal to binary numbers from a Mathematics book we have at home. I really need to pick up that Math book he mentioned and check out what other topics are introduced in the book.

If you would like to learn how to make a binary bracelet, you can check it out here: Binary Code Bracelet


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    • We have learned this in high school, though I didn’t really know the usage of it, we learned several numeral systems, including Hexadecimal. I learned this again when I studied electronics and also computing system, it’s useful in those areas.

      For daily life, I can’t think of any usages of binary numbers since we are all using base-10 system.


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