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Taking a Break, an Info from the Admin + the Dashboard Updated – the Viril Value Lower

Due to the recent conflicts I need and am taking a break…

I also received an e-mail from the admin some members were complaining about me, I explained the situation, the admin was very nice and full of understanding, said she doesn’t want to blame anyone nor me to leave Virily so that she might ask some regulations to be changed… (just to point out, even some of my regular and valid comments were reported just because they were in the articles of the ones I had conflicts with or replies to their or someone else’s comments, even when I was helping other users and giving the correct info…)

I also pointed out to the admin that some of these problems come from the lack of contact and info from them…

I’m still not sure about my future activity on Virily since some things here became quite unpleasant and toxic…

My activity also became quite personal here even though that is not what suits me.. I don’t look at this place as a “community” that is reserved for a group of people but as an independent place to blog and share my work. I do have some of my “favorites” here but I look at those people as individuals…

I don’t like conflicts and I am sorry for even having them… I do get disturbed very much TOO – that is why I’m currently not that active…! I also didn’t come here to fight but to enjoy play, (sharing my) creativity, have fun and earn but unfortunately some people who don’t have such a light approach – take some things too seriously affected me in a very negative way.. Recently I started writing an article where I wanted to explain the whole situation but not sure if I will publish it.

Generally, I don’t like hurting people who don’t deserve that – and not even when they “do”, and whenever I was complaining it was due to something I found unfair (because I know how much I am and was giving) or I was actually answering to other people’s complaints and wrong conclusions… I also often feel not being understood and judged for that so always trying to explain things better and even then not being understood or judged…

The general problem is people making conclusions and judgements from other people’s comments, sometimes even Without actually reading them, and even worse – not knowing the Actual situation…! More worse is when such people write articles or tell other people what to do based on that…!

I already said… – I don’t read other people’s comments nor am interested in them except if it’s an important theme when there is something important or related to me or Virily so I don’t understand people who are interested in that and other people’s business…!

The Dashboard and the Viril value

The Dashboard updated last Tuesday and what I noticed is that the Viril value in “this month” (Month to Date) – May which now actually became the Last Month, since it’s the new month, became quite lowerΒ than it was during the previous months…

Recently I’ve found out about something I didn’t know anything about and that is that the site has been closed for new sign-ups just till recently… I did notice the Viril value was very high since January and I was actually very surprised because of this, as well as many other people too…! πŸ™‚ The people who I found out about this from actually also said they noticed the Viril value got higher somewhere around the time Virily stopped accepting new members so since it is accepting them now again my guess is that it could have affected the Viril value too… (? :/)

Anyway, I’m glad there are new users which will add to the varietyΒ of the site… πŸ˜‰

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    Do you think it could be because of the new sign-ups (new users)…?

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    Will that affect your activity here…?

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    • Yes, I know, but since it was lower in May I was wondering if it was (changed) due to the new members since the activity was the same but the value lower… But now I think it could decrease due to the less activity too….. :/

    • Heyyy!!! πŸ˜€ Welcome back!!! I hope everything is good with you…! πŸ™‚
      Yes, unfortunately I had some problems with some of the members (misunderstandings and conflicts) so the only solution is unfortunately ignoring them so it’s a little better (calmer) now even though it really affected me a lot and I’m still very disturbed about it… :/ πŸ™
      Yes, it was reduced during May so will see what the situation will be in this month…! ;/)

  1. Sorry to hear about the e-mail you received and how you’ve been treated….I don’t think that’s fair at all. You’ve only been helpful to me, so I don’t know why others would be like that!

    I hadn’t noticed the value of the virals dropping since I Haven’t really been here….but it could be linked to that

    • Thank you… πŸ™‚ You weren’t here but I was having some public conflicts with some of the users so they kinda turned against me because there were a lot of my such comments… There were different reasons for such conflicts… Usually when people are not nice in some ways… :/ 😐

      Yes, I know, that is understandable… It was very high till May so it is a shame you weren’t using Virily at that time… 😐 Yes, I think so too…

        • Yes, I’m sorry about them too, especially that it didn’t have to be like that too… If people understood some things the right way maybe they also wouldn’t react the way they did so wouldn’t I too… :/|

          Yes… It was really good and that is why I was active that much even though it was quite overwhelming for me… I think that is also one of the reasons of those conflicts… – the frustration that comes when too involved with these things…… :/ 😐 Yes, I hope so too although I am planning to distance myself a little from this since it really became pretty overwhelming and very time consuming… I don’t understand how people actually manage being on several such sites at the same time, hehehehhehe……! ;/ πŸ˜€ I guess they have a more superficial approach than me… :/

          • Yes, people don’t need to be like that…but unfortunately sometimes they are. Oh yeah, if they understand things correctly, maybe they wouldn’t react in such ways.

            I’m sorry that it was overwhelming, but I can understand…and taking some time and distance is understandable….yes…so many sites, not enough time!

        • Yes, sometimes they don’t quite understand, and sometimes seems they understand but don’t agree… Disagreement is ok but if it is something that affects me in a negative way (like something that someone did which includes me, or something they say how it should be but I don’t agree with them and similar) then I will rebel.. But nevermind, heheeh… ;/)

          Yes… It’s actually something that is generally not that suiting for me, so especially after those conflicts I need to distance a little but will see… ;/ Yes, and not just that but can be unhealthy too… 😐

          • Well very good to know…..and I hear you about disagreement being okay….unless it affects the other person negatively!

            Oh okay….well I get that….some distance can be good; I just hope it all works out for you then!

  2. I’ve no idea about the value of Virils! Thanks for letting me know.
    I was thinking it could be more people are sharing the same revenue?
    But oh well, I haven’t been active (or as active) here … I’ve some things I’ve to deal with in my life … we all get busy at times or we need a break to “charge” ourselves! πŸ™‚

    • Hehhee, not a problem at all, dear Allib, I am glad I made you aware of it…! ;)))
      Yes, that is my thought too… :/
      Yes, I noticed and also noticed other people are not that active too, at least not on my posts, but it looks like it’s everywhere, not sure why… :/ Maybe they have other business or it’s just the summer, hehehe… πŸ™‚ I should go out more too, I don’t like sitting in front of the computer all day but I’m still kinda doing it… Virily made us “adicted”, heheheheeh…..! ;/ πŸ˜‰
      Oh, sorry, didn’t know that… I hope everything will be fine!!! πŸ™‚ Yes, i completely agree with you, I feel the same and am trying to distance myself a little bit to get myself together again… πŸ™‚
      Thanks much for visiting, I am very glad, haven’t seen you for a while…..!!!!! ;DDD

      • I’ve realised the same thing as you… I found out that too much computer (and sitting) is actually affecting my health a little … and I need more movement and exercise … My wrist is hurting, just a little, nothing serious, but I know that could be a sign to slow things down… :p

        • Exactly… I think it’s not good for anyone that much actually…. I need it too, it is generally not in my nature to sit that much, especially in front of a computer… :/ 😐 I know, it happens sometimes, and yes, when such things are happening that is probably a sign to change something, slow down, or just change the activity…! πŸ˜‰

    • You are very welcome…! πŸ˜‰ Yes, I agree with you but I also think it depends on how many members it is shared so if there are new members it’s probably lower then (I guess)… It’s something that happened specifically during the time they stopped accepting new members and after they started accepting them again so my suspicion is that is the reason… I could be wrong of course though… :/ πŸ™‚

  3. I noticed that it has virily lower value. I will work as normal as before. I noticed your problems and I regret that this has happened. Work ahead and do not leave the site, so your opponents will do whatever they want.

    • OK, great, thanks for the info…! I am glad it won’t affect your activity… πŸ™‚ I’m not sure if it will affect mine but since these things happened and I was quite active to earn as much as I can while it was higher now I will probably relax a little, at least it would be the best for me…!
      I regret it too, I should have probably only ignored some things but sometimes it’s hard to ignore… Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot, and I am glad you think so..! Yes, you are probably right…! πŸ™‚ Thank you much again!!! :*

  4. I have also taken a break more than a week ago and just have been started a little active since last night.

    Something has happened to me that made me think about leaving all the hustle and bustle of life, including the use of the internet for all social media and platforms of this kind. Had also crossed my mind to stay on the mountain to become a hermit. lol… If I don’t have a family, I’m sure that I will do it.

    • Hehehe, yes, I noticed…

      I’m not sure you should ever think that way… I think these kinds of sites are generally unhealthy and toxic… I don’t use social media that much but I am using Virily because of my art and earning.. When I came here it was exactly the place I was looking for, that would suit me the best and not toxic, but some things affected me so I quarreled and now there is a problem…

      • Really, I’m sad because such unpleasant things have happened to you. I can only hope that you will have all the best of all the situations you experience. I myself find it more difficult to talk after what I experienced a few days ago. Maybe I need to adapt again to all the old situations but in a totally new and different perspective.

    • You are very welcome…! I think Lacho already posted about it but I haven’t noticed till recently since I’m catching up with the posts I missed and am a lot behind… I think it has something to do with it since now it’s probably shared between more members or something like that, and I think the value actually jumped when they stopped accepting them and was incredibly high before they started accepting them again, at least that is my guess… Could be something else though too… :/

      PS Did you notice I wrote about other things as well…?

      • Yes, and I wonder why that value has changed? I don’t understand how these websites work at all.
        Some how in New Zealand I connect by satellite to the rest of the world and I don’t really know how it is done or even how money can be earned on this site simply by writing article…

        I don’t know why the value has gone down do you know how the viril gained value?

  5. I also noticed that the value of Virilya fell very seriously only I think that this is not because of the new members … it’s my opinion … I also noticed that you took a little distance

  6. I don’t know how reporting works, but it might need to be updated.
    Also, all those endless “virils deducted” notifications should come to an end.
    Things have indeed become too personal for you lately, and I don’t know how fair it was for some people to tell the admins instead of solving the conflicts privately.
    We’re supposed to be grown-ups and stop calling mom for everything.
    It takes acceptance and forgiveness by both sides, and hopefully time will heal the wounds. Just think you have a valid reason to take a break while I do because I simply feel lazy. πŸ˜…

    • Yes I agree with you…
      Are you receiving them too???! :/ :O
      Yes, way too personal but I have to say it was my mistake too… I was “attacking” them too because of the things I found unfair or incorrect. But even when I was just correcting they were finding it as an attack… They see me as a bully for that…
      But sometimes it also wasn’t possible to explain or convince them the nice way so that is why I was reacting… I should have probably only ignore them but when I see someone writes an article based on my communication with someone else or similar then I can not not react… It just felt like everyone are becoming against me…
      I agree and I hope so too… I’m currently very disturbed…! 😐
      Hahaha, I can understand that too, that is a reason too, hehehe…! ;D

      • No, but I remember you did. πŸ˜„
        Fire was lit by both sides but only one ended up being seen as guilty.
        Bullies don’t get attacked by the bullied, but by other bullies, anyway.
        At least this journey taught you more about yourself and others, you can get back as a new person whenever you feel ready. πŸ™‚

        Private messages are kind of messy as sometimes people make up conversations that have never existed, but that’s another story. πŸ˜‚

        • Hahahahaha!!!… πŸ˜€ Yes, I did!!!, hahahahaha!!!!!……… πŸ˜€
          I agree…, in some cases I was “attacked” first too and not understood… In some other there were just disagreements that eventually made me react that way, and in some other I just said/asked what I minded to someone but they weren’t accepting nor considering it due to not understanding me… On my side it’s “only” the overreacting at some point…

          Well, heh, yes…, but I’m too overwhelmed by this situation currently and it’s just that these things and sites are generally unhealthy, at least for me, since I’m generally not a person who finds it that pleasant to interact with unknown people, especially not in such ways…… :/|

          Thanks!!!!! πŸ™‚

          Hahahahaha!!!!! πŸ˜€ I think I know what you mean but nit quite sure, hehehehehe…..!!!!! ;/D

          • Posting about Virily is something you’re somehow passionate about but creates a certain reputation that isn’t always easy to deal with. Trying to help other people makes you experience the struggle the admins of most sites go through when answering to queries. But when it comes to the admins, it’s their job and duty, members aren’t supposed to have as many responsibilities instead.
            You’ll do well with a lighter approach to the site, I guess. πŸ™‚
            It’s unbelievable how some innocent topics turn into controversial ones sometimes, that really makes you want to turn into a robot and answer “thanks for your comment” to all comments, instead of attempting to answer each of them properly. πŸ˜„

        • Yes…!, I completely agree with you…!!! And I often feel like that so I understand the admins not answering us, hahahahha…! ;D

          Could be…, but now I just don’t feel like even sharing anything personal (and everything is personal to me :/ 😐 ) with anyone… I generally feel that way but now even more…! 😐 πŸ™

          Exactly…..!!!!! That is exactly how I’m feeling now… I even found troubling opening posts, even that was some kind of unwanted communication for me…! :/

        • I think I will just continue commenting on my own post until it gets in the most commented ones, hahahahaha…..!!! πŸ˜€ ;D

          I wanted to add that the problem is that when you post something and have that light playful approach some very rigid attitudes therefore comments can make you very frustrated, and something like that happened to me almost at the very beginning here…, at least when i started posting about Virily and some “advises” how to earn more… I was mentioning opening posts when 2 members commented that opening posts without reading them is “gaming the system”… I quarreled with then over that, felt “attacked” in a way even though they maybe didn’t mean it that way… I was trying to explain them but they weren’t understanding… That thing frustrated me for the whole of my time here…! Whenever I’m opening posts I almost always feeling that way like it’s something bad… And there is even the proof they’re wrong but I think they are even still with their attitude about it…! I’m like why would the admins enable such things if it was “gaming the system”…..?!?!? That daily limit is way too higher than for commenting after all……..!!! I actually think it is Welcomed and intentionally made that way so the site could earn anyway too…! 😐
          It’s like they’re presenting earning is something bad and I don’t know why I even listened to them when now I see they also care about earning just were doing that in some other ways – like guest views till they were enabled… Now they have to do some other actions to earn and one of them even told me that…

          • Earnings are taboo, if you say you like making money here you’re labeled as greedy. But then, why are people posting here and not elsewhere, where they would have more readers but no cash? πŸ˜„
            It’s kind of true that views are somehow useless when people just view for the virils and not to engage, but at the same time, it is legal and you aren’t the only user doing so, and it’s better to get one view than nothing at all. You’re right about that. πŸ™‚
            I guess those people were too concerned about the quality of the views, expecting everyone to read their whole post with deep interest, but if it had been the case, they would have received way less views than they do now. It sounds like they can’t accept that, yet it works at their advantage.
            If it wasn’t a legal strategy, I think the editor wouldn’t have approved your post in the first place. πŸ˜…

        • Exactly my point…!
          The daily limit for opening posts is 200, can you read 200 posts a day…..? Do you think the site would have a lot of traffic and earn if the limit wasn’t that high…? Is it possible it is put like that in purpose…?
          I am here to earn too and I have the right to that… This site is an earning site, right…? Opening posts give 3 or 5 times more points to the author than to the visitor… – why are they complaining if they are earning and you are giving them that… You read and comment as much as you can or want but opening posts is also possible… Not useless at all…
          Exactly… How much time would you spend here (and I actually am…!) if you were reading 200 posts that you can’t even comment all…..
          There were points for all the actions here before so it was thought of something like click to earn in a way…

          • PS Everyone wants to earn here… I don’t believe almost anyone minds someone giving them so much points by “only” opening all their articles… I still enjoy some articles from the preview too, since I know what are they about too…

            Greedy for $10-20… Interesting…..

          • Gotcha, don’t worry. πŸ˜„
            Right, if this strategy was prone to abuses they would have removed it already, like they did for external views, although they took a while before they removed that feature. I don’t know if there was a limit for external views, but there is for views among members, so it shouldn’t really create concern. It’s kind of sad you think of those negative comments while opening posts. πŸ˜•

        • OK, great, I was a little worried… :/ πŸ™‚
          Yes, I think so too… But I’m actually not quite sure how effective they generally are…
          There was a limit for guest views too so I don’t know why they removed it… Actually, I “do”, actually I know what the “annoying” member told me, that it was something about double views – guest + for sharing… I didn’t even know there was for sharing, I know only about the referral links, but maybe that is what he meant… Anyway, I don’t know how it exactly worked…

          I agree… “Gaming the system” is doing something that is forbidden but this is not something forbidden at all…..
          Yes…, all negative comments are affecting me and I always feel I have to defend my point of view, especially when not understood well…, and especially that other members are reading such things and make their own conclusions…, that is why I’m reacting anyway… I have to stop worrying about such things…

  7. I don’t think you should stop enjoying the site for such minor issues. I never thought that Virily is an earning site but I stay here for the hang of it. So cheers and stay as usual.

    • Thanks much for the positive approach and support, I am glad you think so…!!! πŸ˜€ They weren’t minor but generally I shouldn’t pay attention to such things (nor people) at all… And I got the impression many people are maybe against me in some way since they don’t like my reactions sometimes… :/ I do care about the earning but I like it the most for the creativity…! Thanks so much for the support and cheers to you too…! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, I agree, but now I’m not sure I even like it that much….. Some things here (and generally online) are not that healthy… I do enjoy some things but I have to make a balance… I will probably stay but not sure how active I will be..
      Yes, I agree, changes are needed when something is wrong or bad for us…! Thanks πŸ™‚

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