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TAKEN Movie Review

I did not hear anything about this film, and I did not want to watch at first referring to a non-original name. If I had not read in the review that Liam Neeson was in the lead, I would not have watched it at all.

But the first impression is always misleading. After the first 20 minutes, I was completely attracted to the film! And I can say with confidence – one of the best films about the theft of the daughter of a special agent. Liam Neeson’s game was impressive. Looking at how a merciless father brutally cracking down on bandits, destroying the well-coordinated business of Albanians in Paris along the way, you involuntarily begin to believe in the parental instinct – to protect your child at all costs.

It would seem that the genre is already full filled, and the plot is not original, which is clear even after reading the description of the film. But… The film turned out to be excellent, mainly thanks to Liam Neeson, whose hero could compete with Bond himself in the skills of survival/killing/beating, although, of course, comparing these two heroes is more than senseless. There is no pathos inherent in many other action movies. There are no meaningless shootings and long dialogues. No abundance of explosions, no philosophy. Yes, a lot of things are not in it.

And this is just wonderful, I would say brilliant. Luke Besson took and cut out a “cancerous tumor” of films of a similar genre. I am ready to pray that such films are shot as much as possible. Not necessarily just this genre, but just good, high-quality films.One hundred percent action movie, one hundred percent leader of the genre.

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  1. I love the bit from this where Bryan Mills is talking to Marco on the phone. So good it made up most of the trailer. Then, when he later finds Marco, and he says to him “I told you I would find you.”

    Incidentally, I did read somewhere that Liam Neeson didn’t think the film would be a success, but wanted to do it anyway, because he didn’t think he would get another chance at an action film. And then created a new career for himself as an action star when it did well.

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