Take the Happy Hippie Outfit Challenge

Saturday, 5.15.21

The recent Yoworld outfit challenge was about the 60s Happy Hippie Outfit Theme in UK 2021. Both of my avatars received average scores, which wasn’t high. But I gave each a different look, with different hairstyle and accessories. They both are wearing a Gemini diamond-studded hairpin because this month is May as well as my Rising is in Gemini. They both wear a floral print pants but with a different blouse. They both love music, but one’s main accessories are a red rose and rose-tinted heart-shaped sunglasses, while the other one’s main accessories are a pretty blue bird and pretty sunflowers.

The first one appears to be delusional about love while the second one is a nature/animal lover.

  • Question of

    Which 60s London UK Hippie Outfit Looks Hippest?

    • 60s Happy, Hip & Hipster Hippie UK2021
  • Question of

    Which outfit would you wear in 2021?

    • Happy Hip Hipster Hippie #1
    • Happy Hip Hipster Hippie #2
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    Which Hairstyle do you prefer?

    • Hippie #2
    • Hippie #1


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