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Part -7 Ellie’s twist to the story

Rustle, rustle, growl, growl, grump. Everyone was holding their breath because they didn’t want to miss what or who is going to come out of the tall grass. The air was filled with tension. Finally, the most adorable view was in front of their eyes: a baby deer barely as tall as the tall grass.

Some birds were still scared, but others rushed to see the baby deer closely. It was a cute and friendly deer that probably got lost. The birds offered it ice cream, but one wise bird said that they should first give it water. They started looking for the water, and they suddenly realized that while everyone was busy with the baby deer, Malice had disappeared…

Part 8 As I see it ..

Those coal like eyes filled with fear and tears threatening to run down anytime, stoked the birds’ maternal instincts. Most of women were occupied with the baby deer, trying to comfort him. The men were not so greatly interested  after the initial concern. They were more worried about Malice. Malice’s past hadn’t been something they could forget so easily.

Malice had sneaked her eggs into their nests and had deceived them into rejecting their weaklings. Malice was surely up to no good.  The wise owl mentioned how Malice didn’t seem too happy about the way his story reading was disturbed. They others nodded in agreement.  After much discussion they formed two search parties, one to find the baby deer’s mother and other to find Malice.

Introvert will now tell how the search went on .

Here is the link to the rest of the story

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