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Which Superhero Power Do You Want To Have?

Its a bird.. Its a plane.. No its Superman!!

We all have our favourite superhero and its time to choose which power of your favourite superhero would you like to have.

Are you ready to choose. Let’s find out which super-power would get the most votes.

  • Which Super Power Do You Want To Have?

    • Fire powers
    • Ice powers
    • Power to fly
    • Teleportation
    • X-ray vision
    • Invisiblilty
    • Telepathy
    • Super speed power
    • Walking through objects
    • Underwater breathing
    • Laser vision


What do you think?

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Written by Jappy

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  1. Invisible since it was used wisely by Susan Richards in the Fantastic Four cartoons that was produced by Hanna Barbera when she had to place an object on an alien villain who had all of the powers of the Fantastic Four combined. You know the old saying “You can’t hit what you can’t see.”

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