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Sunset From The Symphonia Cruise Ship

My daughter went on a cruise ship two years ago, this was taken ten miles off the Mozambique coast. I thought it was rather special especially since I have an almost identical photograph of myself sitting in about the same geographic vicinity several years earlier when the company I worked for had built the biggest ship ever built in Africa at the time, the South African naval replenishment ship, The S.A.S. Drakensberg. I was on board doing a systems handing-over during her maiden voyage prior to signing her off to the defense force. I will try and find that picture taken about 20 years ago

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  1. The last time I saw a sunset from a ship even though the Steam Ship Cristobal at that time was basically a cargo ship after the passenger era ended due to the rise of passenger planes started in 1978 when my relatives and myself left Panama to move to New Orleans after my late dad retired from his work with the Panama Canal Company.

  2. I have never been on a Cruise ship..My husband went on one in the 1950s and hated it, because of the class system on board
    So I won’t even be able to try it.
    However, when you don’t have a lot of money if you want to travel you are better going on something you can afford and have something left over.

    • Very wise words Pamela. You would find my right next to you on that “voyage”. I also have not had the privilege of spending time on a cruise liner. As mentioned above, I was working on a military ship my company had built, for the South-African navy. We were doing systems checking in simulated combat conditions, fast- reverse, full-speed ahead, hard to port, hard to starboard and being “strafed” by our own airforce Mirage and Impala jets, 50 miles off the South-African coast, home of the fearsome Roaring forties” (giant waves, capable of tearing a ten-meter hole in the bow of a supertanker), Awesome adventure, with incredible adrenaline rushes to boot, but no cruise in the Mediterranean, or “cake-walk” LOL.

    • Yes, me too, Carol, according to my daughter, Aurora, the food on the ship was incredible and come to think of it it, another highlight of my sea trip, was the amazing food those young navy chefs prepared for us over the four days during the seaworthy trials.

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