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Sunbathing ~ Wednesday's Shadows

Maybe some of you already know that my camera is left behind at my youngest sister when I go home three days before her. This afternoon, she took the camera home.

At that time, for three days, besides taking care of a number of things that were my main goals, I went to Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara Province, I was with my wife and my youngest sister and her husband visited several tourist destinations and one of them was Kuta Mandalika Beach. This beach was not affected by the disaster when a major earthquake shook the province at the end of July last year.

Kuta Mandalika Beach has a very long coastline that can spend a day if we follow the Kuta coastline. In addition, what is unique about this beach is that there is a view of small hills that make this beach wonderful and more typical.

When we visited there, some foreign tourists seemed to enjoy sunbathing. We ourselves prefer to sit under the shade of the trees and enjoy the scenery. Given that this is Wednesday, the photo I shared for Wednesday Shadow is a picture that has a shadow. You know the shadow I mean, right?

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  1. This is indeed a very unusual photo for you… I was surprised to see the tourists… I also can see how you are enjoying here, and by watching them too… Not sure which “shadow” you mean except the tree one…? :/
    I love sunbathing!!!, but only when the sun is not that high…! 🙂

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