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Summertime in India: 110°F

Normally, I sleep up to 1 pm, but today I gotta work to do, so I woke up at 11 am. I was riding a bike in a T-shirt and pajama with a helmet on. I could see my hands getting tanned in only 5 minutes, the hot air was blowing all over the head. Can you, guys, imagine that I was nearly in the half of the boiling point of water?

Tell me in comments, please, what the highest temperature in your city in summer is.

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  • Do you like riding a bike on the highway?

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  • Have you ever felt 110°F on your body?

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Written by Abhishek Verma

Vicky Verma started his career as a mechanical engineer. Nevertheless, he always wondered to do something, which could bring some change in others' life but was blank. In 2016, he moved towards the Internet world, as it attracts him powerfully, so he decided to create something which could help him share factual and interesting things to others. Now, he often uses social media to interact with the readers of his blog and always replies to them in each of their queries. You can mail him personally from the contact page.


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  1. I dislike summer and its heat, the sweat and mosquitoes.
    You can either stay at home, or go to the mountains or to the seaside where, at least, you don’t have to cope with the blood suckers. 😅
    Riding a motorbike is another good way to keep cool. 😉
    110°F is crazy, especially if it’s humid.
    We usually get up to 100°F in the cities, in the north of Italy.

  2. Wow, that is indeed very warm…! And very impressive you got tanned that fast…!!!!! :/ :E 😀 It seems it’s like that only in your country and that part of the world since it’s currently raining and is cold everywhere else… :/

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