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Summer Project: House Renovation

The house was built way back in 1995. I inherited it from my late parents even before they passed away.

It is located two kilometers from the shore and has few neighbors nearby.

Over the years, it has endured the beatings of probably a hundred typhoons. One, in particular, is the super typhoon Yolanda in 2014 and more recently Ursula.

Ursula, though significantly weaker than the Super Typhoon Yolanda, did what the later wasn’t able to do. Rip off a number of G.I. sheets from my roof.

Our country is hit by dozens of typhoons every year. I know that this house took so much already. I need to have it renovated and prepare it for more typhoons to come. In particular, I need to renovate and reinforce the roof.

The Quatro-Aguas roof design has proven to withstand strong winds and even typhoons. But in the long run, it’s very expensive to maintain.

I talked with my brother who was the engineer that designed and built the house to redesign it to Dos Aguas with firewalls on both sides and concrete gutter. The cost would probably be around 150,000 Pesos or $30,000.00.

The big challenge is I have nothing to start with. I plan to start the project in March next year, which is summer.

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  1. I wish you all the best in this project. We have built our home from scratch, it was a very interesting project to work with. I noticed many people in your country have very weak wooden homes so all they are broken down when typhoons come.

    • Good lumber used to be abundant here. Unfortunately, over logging depleted the source of good lumber in the recent years.

      This house was build almost 25 years ago and survived maybe a hundred typhoons already, including one category 5.

      Renovation is badly needed. And I agree with you, it’s time to upgrade from wood trusses to steel trusses. It’s much cheaper here these days.

  2. I wish you the best of luck in renovating the house …. I know you are exposed to big and dangerous typhoons but I don’t understand why you don’t build houses … here we are in a more secure area …. we don’t know typhoons but we build all the houses … .very few houses are prefabricated …. a masonry house would probably be able to cope with such a strong typhoon

    • The house is not prefabricated. It’s made of hollow blocks wall. The roof beams are made out of hard lumber. And the Quatro Aguas design has been proven to withstand typhoons.
      But the house already took a beating from a category 5 super typhoon in 2012.
      I guess the renovation is long overdue.

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