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Summer cut for the dogs

The summer cut is only for dogs that have a thick coat. During summer when the heat is unbearable, the dogs are more comfortable when the hair is trimmed or even shaved. Most of the dog lovers we know have the summer cut to their dogs as early as March when the cold is gone and it is starting to get  warm in the daytime.

But for our dogs, they are not comfortable when the coat is shaved. The would be scratching for days while the hair is growing. That irritation is not good since the itchy skin would rob the dog of sleep. What we can do during summer is to install and air conditioner for the benefit of our dogs.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. We have had our fair share of summer shave downs already at the shop I work at. I have to expound on this a bit if I may…
    The reason your dogs do not like to be shaved is because with the Pomeranian, Husky, German Shepherd, or any dog with that kind of double coat should never be shaved. For one, it will actually make the dogs hotter in the summer. They have two kinds of fur in their coats. The long thicker strands, along with that soft fuzzy layer that gets all over the house. That thicker long hair is actually hollow in the middle of the shaft and acts as an air conditioner when the weather gets warm. They will shed the soft undercoat. What you really need is a good deshed, and a trim around the sani areas and feet.

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