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Stryper ~ Wednesday Shadows

Black, who is now three months and one week, is always more active than Blue. He is more naughty, more agile, and brave. In fact, it seems that he has become an example for Blue to be more courageous in jumping, climbing, and hanging on many things.

He’s more rarely sleeps in the same place for a long time then Blue, whether on a high place or on the floor. The last two nights, he chose a new place, namely in the corner of the kitchen on a padded mat of reserves of gallons of mineral water, where usually there is a serving cap put on top of it. Although he can move several times in one night – of course with some interval of dinner requests for the umpteenth time with his crying while scratching the bedroom doors of someone until his request is granted – but that place is always his first choice.

I took this picture when he slept there. Under the shadow of the serving hood, he has a new coat, by borrow Ileana’s term.

  • Do you know what caused the difference in agility of a cat with other cats?

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  1. Cats add something extra to your environment. I had dogs growing up. But later in life have had cats. Still love dogs but I now have two cats and they make me smile every day. They are very independent, which I like. And they always figure out how to relax. They find the most comfortable beds, all over the house.

    As for the agility question. I think all cats should be active. The Dude needs more exercise and agility than Brendel because of his size and weight. There are also agility courses that cats participate in. It is very good for them. I believe the smaller cats are better and more agile for obvious reasons. Sort of like humans. The smaller you are the more exercising you can do.

    Great photo of Black.

    • You are right about how cats give a smile of joy, even though we also have to be prepared to replace some of the curtains that started to tear because Black is hanging there. Blue does not seem as agile as Black when his age was the same as Black, I wonder whether the influence of race or circumstances where Blue grows without mother’s milk, or indeed he’s more chubby.

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