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I love strawberries and I decided to grow organic strawberries in my garden a couple of years ago. Thanks to that decision I have a garden full of strawberry plants. The stolons have gotten into every container they could reach and made a few hundred baby plants.

The sad part of the story is I have got about 5-10 berries in the last two years. I am serious. It’s not that the berries get eaten by birds and rodents, well birds may have had the same amount that I’ve got, but that is my total harvest in two years.

I fed my plants well, ensured that they were healthy and no insect attacked them. To be honest I took great care of them.  But, I didn’t get anything worthwhile for my efforts.

Are you wondering where I got this huge bowl of fruits from? This is a picture taken of my breakfast at a hotel I stayed in during a holiday. This is where my inspiration to grow strawberries was born.

Life does sometimes pull out these empty cards on us. It doesn’t mean we need to moan, whine and grumble about them. We never ask life why it chooses to gives us good gifts when they come our way. We just take them with no questions asked, why cry when things don’t go too well?

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    Do you believe life owes you something?

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    Do you take life as it comes?

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  1. Strawberries are also my favorite fruit followed by bananas and then apples and oranges. To be honest I think everyone thinks we are owed something in life if we admit that even to ourselves.

  2. I also have a garden of planted strawberries and they give birth to me every year … This year I do not know how it will be when it is too much rain and when the flowers are blossoming, frost has come

  3. In life, there are more things that we do not because we like doing these things but we need to. We are very lucky if we are doing the things that we like doing and getting a good result. What I mean is that if we like something, we should continuously learn how to do it that would bring a great result. Otherwise, leave it and do something else.

  4. Your recommendation to take life as it comes is such a critical one. It is so important not to blame others, but to be responsible and take what we get. if we don’t like what is there, we have to work to change it!

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