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Strange Tale of the Minokawa

In Filipino mythology, the Minokawa is a bird-dragon. This is supposedly a really big creature the size of an island with feathers as sharp as swords and mirrors for eyes. It has made its home in the sky near the eastern horizon and legend has it that at one time he swallowed the moon which created a big ruckus from people on Earth.

The Minokawa heard all that ruckus and it got curious and opened its mouth in surprise. At that moment the moon jumped from its mouth and made its getaway. From then on the moon was afraid of this creature and would hide from it in a series of holes in the horizon. This bird-dragon gets blamed for eclipses and it is said that at that time people need to make a lot of noise to get it to drop the moon again.

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  1. i took a comparative religion class in college many years ago. Since that class, I have spent a lot of time looking for the legends of the world!

    I had heard this one before, but great share!!!!

  2. Some mythology are very funny though there are others which have some truths in them.
    When young, we used to be told the thunder was a sign God was angry. It was his thunderous voice.