Stop controlling others

There are things we should better erase from our life.

Unfortunately, not everything is so easy to change – we do not even notice how we are accustomed to what we need it ourselves – like coffee in the mornings. Coffee is fine, and although I’m a bit  jealous to people who can do without it, I don’t plan on giving up my morning cup (or two). But there is something else.

For example, the desire to control. I like to know what’s going on, and I feel calm when I know that everyone I love feels well and what’s going to happen. I write “calm,” but I know what that desire produces only anxiety.

Control is just an illusion. We never control anything because we are not alone in this world and events can always turn out of the way planned in a beautiful notebook.

The desire to control kills relationships, time, health, and I slowly and slowly learn to let everyone just be: loved ones, friends, colleagues, or strangers, as I begin to realize that I cannot take responsibility for how others feel, talk or behave.

Let it go. You can only enjoy life after learning how to stop controlling others.

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