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In our apartments, on the streets, but also in city transport, even in hospitals, there is a noticeable smell of tobacco on these days.Looking for a new habitat of smrdibube from nearby green areas, they will come to the closest apartments following the path of light and the smell of insects that have already passed through here and found the proper crack in an apartment.The biggest problem is that there is no adequate solution for their removal.The stinking bugs are easy to notice and recognize as they are unwittingly buzzing while flying, hitting the chandeliers, and when crushed, they emit a very unpleasant smell after which they have been named. They are mostly green, although they also have brown and colored.The stinky bugs are refusing and smelling garlic and mint and put them in front of their windows or doors.If they have entered your home, do not forget that you can not kill them because then you are releasing that nasty stench. It’s better to suck them up with a vacuum cleaner, gently pick up the toilet with paper and throw in a toilet school or put a sticky tape on them and catch them.

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  1. Our place has a wide or a vast of rice plantation. There are so many stinky bugs and they usually get into the nearby houses. When they are touched or pressed they produce a very bad odor. To remove the odor from our hands, we put our hands over the fire for several minutes. Not to get burned, of course.

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