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Still having a cold morning

The weather is trying to confuse me or maybe it is actually the season that is playing tricks on me. On the second half of February, it already considered the entry of summer since March is always a hot month. And the weather will always be warm until the rains arrive by July or August. But now I wonder why the cold morning is still here. Is there something unusual in your place too?

The cold morning can make it difficult to rise and also to go outside the house. It is an ordeal to leave for work in the early morning to get a ride on the bus or on the train. But they say that is the purpose of the jacket, to wear it on a cold morning. Oh well, maybe I have to agree with the wearing of the jacket or the sweater for now until the warm weather comes soon.

  • Do you have snow until now?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Alex Socorro

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