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Spring Dream – Apple blossoms

I look around and admire the few flowers left on the branches of the trees. I close my eyes and listen to the chirping of the birds in a continuous concert. How beautiful is the blossoming apple, with its petals on which traces of such a translucent pink can be seen! And how many bees put their “nose” in their pollen, humming with joy for so much abundance!

  Yes! Yesterday I have broken the rules! I escaped for half an hour and I felt great! The rules are made to be broken!😀

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. We are allowed and even encouraged to go out for walks, not sure what would happen to me if I couldn’t . The only rule is staying 6 feet apart and in my small city, most people are really good t following that rule. Love apple blossoms.


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