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Spreading Smiles#1: Ever Wondered What Your Pet is Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what your pet thinks, for those who have pets? Even those of us who currently don’t have a pet, have you ever thought what your cat might be thinking?

Well, below is a link to a Facebook’s video that hilariously shows what cats might be thinking including 5 am when their owners are asleep.

#Spreading Smiles 

The link: What cats think at 5am.

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  1. That cartoon video was hilarious and shows cats at their best. But why do cats wake up so early in the morning. My Runt sometimes walks on me to try to wake me up but I do not fall for his antics. His dry cat food bowl is always full and he gets wet cat food every day. He also sometimes brings back dead prey on the back porch and once or twice a live one in the house. I was laughing my guts out at that…. As for what they think I am not too sure but I know he loves me and I love him back every day…

    • This is a question that hasn’t been satisfactorily answered why cats wake their owners at five when their bowl contains their food. And, it’s not that they want some cuddling.
      Cats are notorious of bringing dead or live animals in the house.
      When you win a cat’s heart, the cat will love you back a thousand times😀😀


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