Spoon tech- food flavoring spoon

Children and the sick in particular refuse to eat certain foods, but now an electric spoon can enhance the taste of many foods. The lightning running in this spoon activates thousands of testicles on the tongue.

Its inventor is a father and son who have been involved in the food industry for 20 years. Earlier many of their products have won awards. ۔ Now they have invented a spoon called ‘Spoon Tech’ which enhances the taste of yogurt, ice cream, soup and other foods and maintains their feeling even after eating.

Spoon tech – Watch Video 

On the inner surface of the spoon a sensor is installed that emits very light electricity. ۔ A slight electric current is not felt at all, but it activates the tongue and increases its savour. ۔ The spoon has an immediate effect on the tongue and the food tastes become delicious.۔ Some people have said that the spoon can enhance the taste and consumers have noticed and appreciated it.

This key invention is also available on the crowdfunding website and can currently be purchased for 29 dollar a teaspoon while 5, 10 and 20 teaspoons are also available at a discount.

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