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Spooky Spirits

I know you are all divided into two camps – the believers and the non-believers. I am fascinated to think that such things as spirits might exist and having had my own contacts anything paranormal is interesting to me. They do say this is one of the most haunted hotels.

I am sure you would not want to meet up with a satanic spirit but if you are curious then you should visit The Langham Hotel in London, England. Even though it is said that the number of Satan is 666 in this hotel it is Room 333 that will give you the chills.

Another fascinating thing here is that you will find that not all of the staff are flesh and blood. So if the bellboy carrying your suitcase suddenly disappears just pick up your suitcase and keep walking. You’ll figure it out eventually.

So what do we have to be careful of in Room 333? Well, there is a German prince who defenestrated himself. This is a wonderful word which simply means he threw himself out the window.

Then we have the sinister doctor who killed his wife and himself on their honeymoon. I can only imagine that he was not happy with his life and with his marriage.

Finally, we come to a most unwelcome spirit who is also unknown but likes to shake the bed so hard so people might fall out of it. You know me I would be in that bed singing Harry Belafonte’s song “Jump In the Line” which has the words shake, shake Seniora and perhaps this spirit might decide to come dance with me instead of trying to wreck the bed.

That is not all folks. There happens to be a fellow with a hole in his face. He must have been shot at close range I suppose. Then one spirit you all would recognize and that is Napoleon. Yes, the Napoleon who lived here during exile. Unfortunately, he prefers spooking the basement so if you stayed at the hotel you would probably not get to meet him. Of course, you know me I would find a way to get to the basement.

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  • Would you come with me to London and stay at The Langham Hotel in Room 333?

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  1. I do not mind sharing that room with you as I do not believe in these stories. I remember when I was asked to write an article for iwriter this requester wanted me to cover hotels that have had a ‘ghost’ history Although I do not believe in ghosts I did some research and wrote that article (Iol)

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