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Spirit Of The Forest

“Spirit Of The Forest” is the name of a song by Korpiklaani.

It’s also the name of an album by the same artist.

And the name of an attempt I made with Photoshop.

I call it Photoshop but it was actually Paint.NET, one of the free alternatives to PS.

I know, the original is better, but my laptop doesn’t handle ‘better’, nor my wallet.

I wanted to make something about the song, but I have no skills, so I decided to play with a photo editing program. And that was the outcome.

I had to change my first draft because I was advised to go for something easier.

Easier, but flawed anyway.

The sky is really nice! It was the easiest thing to do. So easy I forgot how I did it.

The trees are very poor instead. I did what I could.

I’ll improve, or never use trees again.

Talking of trees, did you know you can help planting trees by playing a trivia quiz HERE?

The song mentions an old white wolf, but there’s no old white wolf in the picture.

There’s a Samoyed, of course.

Feel free to share your opinions, or suggestions, but keep in mind I’m touchy.

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    How bad is the outcome?

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    Do you know how to use photo editing softwares?

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    Do you know the band “Korpiklaani”?

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    They play Folk Metal. Do you think you would enjoy their music?

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    • Thanks! ? I tend to edit photos quite often, just for the sake of doing so, or for decreasing their size (to take less time to upload), even those I take from the internet. I guess the same can be done with some online services.

  1. You did very well indeed. At least this is my opinion. Of course I have no idea how to use any of the software you mentionned and the only editing that I do is with the good old Microsoft Word. Everything is lovely in that picture, especially the sky and even the trees and that lonely samoyed.


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