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Spent time on Virily archives and sad to see so many users are nowhere to be seen

I am a proactive of sorts always trying to work towards benefiting the environment around me. The Virily environment needs those users who contributed greatly in the past but are nowhere to be seen

I saw their quizzes, their polls, their VS posts and last but not the least the personality quizzes which I have found difficult to create yet.

It is like my hibiscus that you see in the photo –  so many have disappeared and I am struggling to get them back

The oldies here sure know how to contact them.

  • Do you have any contacts with those that are absent here?

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What do you think?

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Written by grace


    • If as a newbie I do well here that means Virily works better now and therefore those who have left because there were issues navigating should now come back

  1. The reason so many users, good users left, is due not to money but to the treatment meted out by the Admin.

    There is no moderation, only delay. I recall reading an article here called the “Assignation of John F. Kennedy”. All through the article the word assignation was used.

    Moderation? NO. Delay? YES.

    Depending on who you are, your items can languish for THREE or more DAYS.

    You can be advised that your item was Approved. But it isn’t published. The Admin is having a joke on you. The item is actually tossed in Drafts, or deleted. And you go on, posting, not realising that the Mod had messed up your work by pulling a chapter.

    As most know, I write short stories, break them into Chapters. I use the same image.

    The Mod will NOT publish a chapter so as to mess up my work.

    I am not the only one; those who ceased to post here have experienced the tricks I have.

  2. I tend to come and go between various sites as the mood takes me, or if a site presents problems for one reason or another. I was absent from Virily for several months because there was a technical hitch that I could not get sorted. I only returned because somebody contacted Admin on my behalf when I was unable to do so.

  3. It could be that some people have gone on because they got busy with things in the outside world. I am a struggling writer and my life is trying to earn what I can while also finding some enjoyment online so I am not one to leave any site. I keep trying to do my best and interacting on every site I belong to.

  4. I guess I agree with Introvert…
    There was a time the site was down more than half a day and then when it was back, its plagued with problems – you can’t post, posts were missing, drafts disappearing …etc. It’s understandable why some left, if they know the site is better now, they might come back.

  5. I see posts on Facebook for some of the members. I don’t know who was expecting it, but I know that patience and perseverance are rewarded virally. Fast and big money only comes from the lottery if one is lucky.

  6. Sadly, many joined the community with the intention of earning money in a very short period of time. Thus, they gave up.
    Then, there are those who left because of the instability of the site. Nowadays, it is functioning better. They lacked patience with a new site.
    The majority of those left only read the posts. Doc noted only 50 users contribute.

    • There are many more as there are several who only view posts and their names do not feature.

      I have noticed about the glitches while preparing quizzes but with patience I have created in the 2 and a half months I was here, 25 quizzes.

      • Creating quizzes isn’t easy. I have done a couple. You’ve done a great job in creating so many quizzes.
        Since Virily isn’t yet an old site, the users still need to exercise patience.

    • I am likely to join them. Recently, many of my posts are ‘approved’ but not published. I have found this odd, having been here for quite sometime. Imagine you wrote something, and it was ‘approved’ but disappeared. Never published.

      Then suddenly a post is ‘rejected’ because the picture; ( the same one I used on 10 previous posts), was ‘too small’. It wasn’t too small 10x before.

      It is no sense writing and your work disappears.

          • That is frustrating. While I know patience is required since Virily isn’t an old site, there are some frustrations that can be hard to tolerate like yours.
            An article of mine was rejected because it contained a list of funny quotes. Ironically, I wasn’t informed why it was rejected.

      • Hope Admin sees this response of yours jaylar. I have not seen anyone else making such complaints. Could it be it has something to do with your browser? Just saying.