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Speed up my internet part II

So we have arrived at part 2 of speed up my internet. The other two posts I’ve shared so far are below.

Optimize my connection

Ok, so this is a fun one. In part because it is easy, in part because it is educational. The world Optimize making better. Or improve to the point of better. Optimize doesn’t mean make something harder to use.

  1. Reduce the number of open browser windows. The joy, the value, and beauty of the internet and web browsers are connecting to multiple things at the same time. The more windows you have open (Virily, Facebook, and so on) in your browser, the more bandwidth you are consuming if your internet gets slow, close windows in your browser.
    1. Think of it as being like your refrigerator. If the fridge is open, you are losing cold air from the side. If you have two, three, four, or more people opening the door and standing there, you lose most of the fresh air the refrigerator is gone. That means the refrigerator motor has to run longer to generate more cold air.
    2. Each browser window you have open is a person standing in front of your refrigerator, wasting your cold air.
    3. Each browser window also consumes memory. The more of your physical memory used, the more you use your hard drive as what is called a swap disk. No matter what, your hard drive is SLOWER than the memory in your computer. If possible, only have 1-2 windows open in your browser. This will help your PC be faster and make your internet seem faster as well!
  2. Virus scanners – make sure you let your scanner run a scan of your computer overnight. That way, it won’t do so when you are using the computer! A security note – while it makes your browsing a little less active, make sure you have a website scanner running if you can. It will stop the accidental opening of malicious sites.
  3. The last tip for today – check the browser you are using. Browser speed can be significantly impacted by what you load in your browser (extensions0.
    1. Install a browser and don’t load any extensions (except the virus scanner). That will be faster!
    2. Safari, Firefox, Opera, Tor, Chrome, and Edge are all available on most operating systems.

Thanks for reading. I will post more tips over the next few days. All of these tips today are safe and guaranteed to work. You don’t have to do anything. Other than follow the steps.

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  1. Now I can see where I am making a mistake … I always have at least 6 – 8 windows open and my partner told me that she was not well but I didn’t believe her …. then she was obviously right


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